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Porsche: Dagobert Duck In Zuffenhausen

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Porsche: Dagobert Duck In Zuffenhausen
Porsche: Dagobert Duck In Zuffenhausen

Video: Porsche: Dagobert Duck In Zuffenhausen

Video: Porsche: Dagobert Duck In Zuffenhausen
Video: Porsche Production in Germany (Zuffenhausen) 2023, June

A record win ensures the best atmosphere at Porsche's general meeting. And observers learned quite a bit about advanced family arithmetic.

By Frank Heidmann

A shareholder spokesman found a completely new name for Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking: "Dagobert Duck von Zuffenhausen" he called the successful car manager who had just announced the record profit of 2.1 billion euros from the previous year in the current financial year to be able to surpass. The mood at the annual general meeting of the traditional sports car manufacturer on Friday was therefore pretty good - the shareholders, spoiled with a record dividend, flocked to the buffet with Swabian specialties at record speed.

A Porsche leads the supervisory board

However, despite the unusually good half-year figures, the Porsche shareholders' meeting was dominated by Volkswagen, with a five-fold pre-tax profit. "We are now playing in a different league," said Wiedeking, taking stock and hastening to assure: "Porsche continues to be the focus of our thoughts and actions". But then Volkswagen arrives very quickly, which Ferdinand Piëch will take care of. The VW supervisory board chairman, a powerful member of one of the two Porsche owners, sat smiling on the podium of the Porsche supervisory board, enjoyed the good figures and kept quiet.

A change caused new speculations among observers at the annual general meeting that Piëch could continue to head the VW supervisory board - as advocated by the employees and feared by Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Christian Wulff. Because for the first time in 14 years, a member of the Porsche family is moving to the top of the supervisory board of the sports car manufacturer of the same name.

Wolfgang Porsche takes over from Helmuth Sihler the position previously held by his father Ferry and his brother Ferdinand Alexander. In addition, with Hans-Peter Porsche, another family member moves into the body. This also ends the previous parity between the two family branches of the Porsche descendants on the supervisory board. The Porsche family will provide three members to the body in future and will therefore have one more seat than the Piëch family.

VW supervision as a family monopoly

The power-conscious Ferdinand Piëch might not have accepted this so easily. For shareholder advocate Peter Maser from DSW, a question immediately arose: Should this be used to compensate within the family for Wolfgang Porsche's cousin Ferdinand Piëch to remain at the head of the VW control body, where Porsche is now the largest single shareholder? The speculations are also fueled by the surprising announcement by Piëch at the Detroit Motor Show that he saw no reason to withdraw from the VW supervisory board. Only a year ago, the two major VW shareholders Porsche and the state of Lower Saxony agreed not to re-elect Piëch to the board in April.

Porsche boss Wiedeking had already terminated this compromise in December. With the increased share package, the situation would have changed, he said at the balance sheet press conference in early December. According to reports, Porsche wants to insist on another seat for Porsche even if Piëch remains in the VW control body. So far, Porsche has sent two representatives to the committee without Piëch, just as many as the state of Lower Saxony. Nobody at Porsche wanted to comment on the speculation. For the VW general meeting in April there is still tension. (dpa)

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