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Opel Increases The Number Of Employees In Eisenach

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Opel Increases The Number Of Employees In Eisenach
Opel Increases The Number Of Employees In Eisenach

Video: Opel Increases The Number Of Employees In Eisenach

Video: Opel Increases The Number Of Employees In Eisenach
Video: 25 jaar Opel fabriek in Eisenach 2023, June

Opel will create more than 400 new jobs at the Eisenach plant in the coming year. At the same time, Opel boss Karl-Thomas Neumann gave the go-ahead for production of the new Corsa.

With the reintroduction of the third shift in the coming year, Opel wants to create more than 400 new jobs at its plant in Eisenach. This was announced by Opel boss Karl-Thomas Neumann on Thursday at the start of series production of the new Corsa small car. "The new edition of the Corsa is the next milestone in our model offensive, which will secure significantly higher market shares for us in the coming years," said Neumann at the start of the fifth generation of the small car.

Opel Adam is also manufactured in Eisenach

Opel currently employs around 1,600 people in the Thuringian assembly plant, which was opened in 1992. In addition to the Corsa, you are also building two versions of the small Adam city car on the same line. According to Neumann, it is to be expanded into a product family with a sports variant. "Opel is the only manufacturer that builds two small cars in Germany. Because in Eisenach both quality and productivity are right."

To this end, Opel had invested more than 1.2 billion euros in the Thuringia plant since 1990, which is considered a flagship plant and also carries out slings for the entire Opel parent company General Motors (GM). Due to the slow demand for the Corsa, the third shift was initially abolished. It will be reintroduced next year.

Opel Corsa part of the product offensive

Numerous prominent guests were also present at the premiere. Neumann drove up with the actress Christiane Paul in the first new series Corsa.

The previous four generations have been sold more than 12.4 million times since the market launch 32 years ago. Around 2.65 million units were produced at the foot of the Wartburg. And, according to Neumann, the new representative is also in great demand. "Although the car has not yet had an official dealership premiere, we have already received more than 50,000 orders across Europe. That is a clear sign: the fifth generation will also be a bestseller."

The new Corsa is part of the Rüsselsheim-based product offensive, which aims to bring 27 new vehicles and 17 new engines to market by 2018. In the course of the "Drive 2022" strategy, the market share in Germany is to increase to ten percent, in Europe there should be an eight before the decimal point. (AG / dpa)

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