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VW Touran Used: Home Cooking With Aberrations Of Taste

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VW Touran Used: Home Cooking With Aberrations Of Taste
VW Touran Used: Home Cooking With Aberrations Of Taste

Video: VW Touran Used: Home Cooking With Aberrations Of Taste

Video: VW Touran Used: Home Cooking With Aberrations Of Taste
Video: Сменил VW Touran 2.0 на Renault Kaptur. Первые впечатления от "француза" после мощного "немца".... 2023, June

The VW Touran is also in great demand as a used vehicle. The compact van from Wolfsburg, especially the first generation, does not necessarily impress in terms of quality.

The VW Touran is one of the best-selling compact vans in Germany. There has to be a lot to be said for the optional seven-seater. This includes the variable and large storage space, the solid interior workmanship and a design that is quite pleasing for the vehicle type. But precisely because of its suitability for the masses, the car is also a puzzle.

After all, why does a car sell so well that it has to do with quality defects for years? According to the “TÜV Report 2016”, the manufacturer of the first generation built over twelve years was never able to completely drive out its typical quirks. Above all, chassis defects in springs and dampers have remained constant over the entire construction period.

Weak points of axles and air mass meters

Otherwise, the Touran is moody: The five to seven year olds are the better age groups. You have to pay attention to the axes from the age of nine, they could be knocked out. Air mass meters also often cause problems.

The ADAC also finds rather critical words with regard to its breakdown statistics. In the first three years of production, the compact van was still afflicted with a number of defects, which led to numerous changes, especially in the engine management. From the 2006 model year, the breakdown rates have decreased. Touran built in 2007 and 2008 attracted attention with defective injection nozzles. Engine defects due to ailing timing chains were particularly evident in 2009 cars. Diesel from 2005 made broken turbochargers to create.

Five recalls for the VW Touran

Since the start of the series, the ADAC has counted five recalls. The largest concern in early 2012 models with 1.2 TSI engines where insufficient throttle response was the problem. In the meantime, however, the model is considered puncture-proof by the ADAC.

When the first Touran hit the market in 2003, it opened up a new class for VW - just like the Zafira at Opel before. A compact vehicle or sometimes also called a minivan had never existed before from VW. Three years later, the Sharan's little brother received its first facelift, which can be recognized above all by the rounded headlights typical of VW at the time. The Cross Touran came a year laterwith planking and more ground clearance to the dealers. The second major model upgrade from 2010 looked almost like a generation change, but technically a lot remained the same - except for the almost completely new engine range.

New generation since autumn 2015

The VW Touran can do more than just honesty
The VW Touran can do more than just honesty

The Touran II, like the Golf VII, was launched in autumn 2015 based on VW's modular transverse matrix (MQB). On the engine side, with the exception of the natural gas variant, there is VW home-style cooking in the Touran. The petrol engines, which are also used in other models, produce between 75 kW / 102 PS and 115 kW / 170 PS, depending on generation and year of construction. In 2006 the double-charged TSI engines were introduced. The diesels have an output of 66 kW / 90 PS to 130 kW / 177 PS; the soot particle filter was only introduced into series production in 2010. The Ecofuel or TGI models with CNG engines named with the model abbreviations, depending on the edition, generate 80 kW / 109 PS and turbo-charged 110 kW / 150 for vehicles from 2009.

If you are looking for a natural gas model, you have to calculate with prices from 5800 euros. The market observer Eurotax Schwacke determined this average value for the Touran 2.0 Ecofuel Conceptline from 2006 with 80 kW / 109 PS and gives a typical odometer reading of 127,200 kilometers. In the case of the Touran 1.4 TSI DSG Highline with 125 kW / 170 PS gasoline engine from 2010, around 13,000 euros have to be budgeted (79,200 kilometers). Schwacke lists the Touran 2.0 TDI DPF Cup from 2013 with 103 kW / 140 PS at 18,100 euros and assumes a mileage of 62,400 kilometers. (dpa / tmn)

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