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Natural Gas Accident With Touran: No Explosion

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Natural Gas Accident With Touran: No Explosion
Natural Gas Accident With Touran: No Explosion

Video: Natural Gas Accident With Touran: No Explosion

Video: Natural Gas Accident With Touran: No Explosion
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There was no explosion in the accident when the VW Touran was refueling with natural gas. The association “Zukunft Erdgas” expects the Aral filling stations to release the natural gas pumps again during the day, as press spokesman Michael Oppermann told the Autogazette.

In the refueling accident last Friday when a VW Touran was refueled with the alternative fuel natural gas, there was no explosion. “The tank burst. There was neither heat nor fire, "said Michael Oppermann, press spokesman for the " Zukunft Erdgas " association when asked by the Autogazette.

Since the beginning of July, VW has been calling back 5,900 natural gas Tourans around the world to replace the front gas bottles due to the reduced wall thickness. Because due to external influences, the damaged outer skin could no longer offer the required corrosion protection. This seems to be the case for Oppermann after looking through the pictures. "The model is affected by the recall and the pictures match it."

VW recommendation disregarded

A problem will be added to the driver who was injured in the accident. VW had recommended refueling with natural gas until the gas bottles were replaced and only refueling the Touran with gasoline during this time. One filling with the petrol is enough for around 150 kilometers before the next petrol pump has to be driven. "It is therefore incomprehensible that the driver still refueled his vehicle with natural gas," said the press spokesman.

After the accident, Aral recommended that its petrol station tenants stop selling the alternative fuel. Due to the fact that the Touran should not have been refueled with natural gas at all, Oppermann assumes that Aral will issue a clearance again in the course of the day, which is also Aral's endeavor.

Image damage through prejudice

The fuel natural gas is mostly neglected in Germany, although it emits far fewer emissions than fossil fuels. The prejudices that arose decades ago and are firmly anchored in people's minds are too great. Unlike with petrol, explosions cannot occur when refueling. While escaping gasoline could very well be ignited, the gas will move upwards.

Nonetheless, Oppermann initially fears “damage to the company's image”. However, the press spokesman does not assume that there will be severe slumps in sales. “ Natural gas is a small market. The people who deal with natural gas know their way around and know that explosions cannot occur. "(AG / TF)

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