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German Premium Manufacturers Secure Nokia Here

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German Premium Manufacturers Secure Nokia Here
German Premium Manufacturers Secure Nokia Here

Video: German Premium Manufacturers Secure Nokia Here

Video: German Premium Manufacturers Secure Nokia Here
Video: Nokia Sells HERE Maps to European Car Makers | Crunch Report 2023, May

According to media reports, the German premium manufacturers BMW, Mercedes and Audi are the buyers of Nokia Here. The purchase price for the map service provider will be around 2.5 billion euros.

According to media reports, the German carmakers Daimler, Audi and BMW are certain to buy the Nokia map service Here. The purchase price is around 2.5 billion euros, reported "Manager Magazin" and the "Wall Street Journal" on Tuesday. After the takeover, they also wanted to offer other manufacturers to join Here, wrote the US business paper, citing informed people. The three carmakers did not want to comment on the report upon request.

Nokias is leaving its map service in order to concentrate on its core business as a supplier of telecom networks and to buy the competitor Alcatel-Lucent. Here was heavily geared towards the needs of the automotive industry and, above all, should score with detailed maps for self-driving vehicles. Such high-resolution maps will soon be offered to car manufacturers for selected road sections in Germany, France, Japan and the USA.

Exact map material for autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicles need very precise road maps in order to master traffic. The card providers are tackling this as a future-oriented business. The Dutch navigation specialist TomTom also announced a cooperation with the automotive supplier Bosch on Tuesday. TomTom creates the maps, while Bosch specifies the requirements for accuracy and content. By the end of 2015 there should be highly accurate maps of all motorways and motorway-like roads in Germany. Bosch is already using the first partial maps for test drives on the A81 autobahn in Germany and the USA, it said.

Nokias Here has previously recorded a section of the A9 motorway in Germany in high resolution. For this purpose, the streets are driven with special vehicles that scan their surroundings to an accuracy of 10 to 20 centimeters.

The German carmakers had been considered likely buyers of Here for weeks. At the same time it had been said that Nokia and the carmaker had haggled hard after it had been clear that they were the most promising bidder. Previously, among other things, an interest from financial investors and Internet companies from China had been reported. (dpa)

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