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Toyota Again With Millions Recall

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Toyota Again With Millions Recall
Toyota Again With Millions Recall

Video: Toyota Again With Millions Recall

Video: Toyota Again With Millions Recall
Video: Toyota Issues Recall For More Than 1 Million Vehicles 2023, May

Toyota now has to call almost three million vehicles into the workshops. Supplier Takata is meanwhile working with automakers on a replacement solution.

The Japanese car maker Toyota calls another 1.37 million vehicles in the USA because of defective airbags from the supplier Takata. This increases the number of Toyota and Lexus vehicles that have been recalled in the United States to a total of approximately 2.92 million, the company said.

Not just Toyota affected

The airbags from the Japanese supplier are a constant problem in the automotive industry - there is a risk that they will trigger suddenly. This can lead to a dangerous explosion in which parts of the metal cladding are thrown through the interior of the car. Six deaths and numerous injuries are linked to it. Toyota now also wants to replace the airbags on the passenger side. In doing so, the company is complying with a request from the US Traffic Inspectorate (NHTSA).

Takata also works closely with the NHTSA and, according to a spokeswoman, "has committed itself to no longer producing a certain driver-side airbag - the type of construction that is equipped with wing-shaped pellets."

Takata is working on alternative solutions

At the same time, the supplier made it clear that he would continue to use so-called phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate as a gas set, since its use in gas generators is safe and effective if properly manufactured and installed. Earlier this month, it said that Takata would not use ammonium nitrate in its manufacture, as the chemical could trigger explosions.

At the same time, the supplier emphasized that with the partners among the automobile manufacturers "in the changeover to a new generation of driver-side gas generators in our spare parts or to gas generators without ammonium nitrate as a gas set", which are manufactured by other suppliers. (AG / dpa)

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