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Kia Optima Sportswagon: New Attack On Passat And Co

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Kia Optima Sportswagon: New Attack On Passat And Co
Kia Optima Sportswagon: New Attack On Passat And Co

Video: Kia Optima Sportswagon: New Attack On Passat And Co

Video: Kia Optima Sportswagon: New Attack On Passat And Co
Video: Вот почему купить KIA OPTIMA TF за 800 тысяч ЭТО не Пассат Б8 и не Камри!! 2023, June

The Kia Optima is not a bad car. But the sedan is hardly in demand in Germany. The station wagon will be launched at the end of September - and everything should get better with it.

With the Optima, Kia has been trying to gain a foothold in the middle class in Germany for some time, but with moderate success: the sedan sells an average of less than a hundred times a month. That should change: From September 24th, the Koreans will finally have a station wagon that is much more popular in this country. The practical Kia Optima Sportswagon is available at a price of 25,990 euros and should make up some places in the direction of the VW Passat, Ford Mondeo or Opel Insignia.

Visually, the newcomer from Asia can easily keep up with the established models: it shares the chic front with the headlights that are pulled far into the flanks and the brand-typical tiger nose grill, from the middle it shows itself independently. The steeply rising window line, wide taillights and a bulky D-pillar, which is not exactly conducive to the overview, even exude a touch of Italian flair.

Navigation device on board as standard

Inside, the well-known, practical cockpit awaits you with more or less pleasantly touchable plastics, a steering wheel that is easy to grip but littered with buttons and comfortably tightly padded seats. A navigation system is standard on board, and the Koreans also pack air conditioning, an audio system, a reversing camera and cruise control into every Optima Sportswagon.

The most important thing about the station wagon is the trunk. Although the Sportstourer is 4.86 meters long as the sedan, which is a thousand euros cheaper, the engineers have managed to create space for 1,686 liters of luggage - of course only when the rear seat is folded down. Thanks to the standard three-part division of the stalls (40:20:40), the station wagon can be converted as required and with a single movement from the trunk. If all three seats in the spacious rear are to be used for passengers, 552 liters are required.

Practical: if you have the car key in your pocket, you only need to stand behind the tailgate for three seconds and it swings open electrically - there is no need to wag your foot wildly under the bumper. The Optima not only comes with a luggage cover ex works, but also a dividing net, which can only be attached behind the second row; But the second equipment line also has a rail system on the floor with which the load can be secured.

Engine range as with the four-door

Kia recently added a station wagon version of the Optima to its range
Kia recently added a station wagon version of the Optima to its range

On the drive side, the station wagon uses the four-door engine range, with the exception of the plug-in hybrid that will follow in mid-2017: In the 25,990 euro base, the Optima Sportswagon drives with a 120 kW / 163 PS two-liter petrol engine, which is still free is allowed to breathe. While sports car fans regret the good old suction technology again and again, in everyday life the turbo-charging has become very used and the high speeds are no longer used, so that the entry-level engine does not look particularly lively, especially for shift lazy people. The turbocharged version of the two-liter, which is now also available for the sedan and which mobilizes an impressive 180 kW / 245 PS and develops 353 Newton meters of torque, is more spirited.which ensure brisk longitudinal dynamics - however, a full 41,790 euros are due for the top model with the nickname GT, which is coupled as standard to a six-speed automatic.

In any case, however, the two gasoline engines will eke out a niche existence: In the first half of 2016, 529 of 564 customers opted for the only diesel available for the sedan, and there will be hardly fewer for the station wagon. The 1.7 liter diesel is in the price list from 28,290 euros and comes up with 104 kW / 141 hp and 340 Newton meters. That is not an exaggerated amount for a 1.7-ton station wagon that can also be loaded with a good 500 kilograms, but is enough to swiftly swim along in traffic.

10.2 seconds to 100 km / h

He sprinted to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds and finished at 200 km / h. The optionally available seven-speed dual clutch transmission, the extremely smooth running and the gently rocking chassis invite more to relax than to overtaking orgies in the left lane. The only thing that upsets the Korean is transverse joints, which he sometimes rumbles a little awkwardly.

At 4.4 liters, Kia specifies the standard consumption of the diesel, but in everyday life it will level off between seven and eight liters per 100 kilometers. That's ok, but not a little. On the other hand, there is a wide range of technical aids: with lane keeping and lane change assistants, cross-traffic warning systems and parking assistants, as well as an emergency braking function that also detects pedestrians, Kia offers modern equipment. However, like the panorama roof, the helper package is tied to the mid-range Spirit equipment line and the adaptive chassis is only available, for example, if you have ordered the dual clutch transmission. In contrast, each variant includes the typical Kia seven-year guarantee. (SP-X)

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