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VW Transporter And Crafter Receive BlueMotion

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VW Transporter And Crafter Receive BlueMotion
VW Transporter And Crafter Receive BlueMotion

Video: VW Transporter And Crafter Receive BlueMotion

Video: VW Transporter And Crafter Receive BlueMotion
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VW introduces Bluemotion for the Transporter and Crafter. With the fuel-saving measures, both models are satisfied with seven liters of diesel or less per 100 kilometers.

VW is reducing consumption in its commercial vehicles. Both the Transporter and the Crafter are offered as Bluemotion models. "The interest of our customers in fuel-efficient vehicles with low maintenance costs and high utility value is extremely important at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles," says Wolfgang Schreiber, spokesman for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand board and board member for development.

VW Transporter Bluemotion with 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers

The Transporter Bluemotion has a 2.0 TDI engine with 84 kW / 114 PS, so it should only consume 6.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. In addition to the fuel-saving measures from Bluemotion Technology with a stop-start system, brake energy recovery and tires with optimized rolling resistance, the Bluemotion transporter also has a specially adapted five-speed gearbox and a coordinated engine management system. According to VW Commercial Vehicles, this should result in a further reduction in fuel consumption of 0.4 liters.

With the Crafter BlueMotion, two output variants - with 80 kW / 110 PS and 100 kW / 136 PS - are equipped with fuel-saving technology. In both models, 7.0 liters of diesel flow through the hoses over 100 kilometers, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 184 grams per kilometer. Both the Crafter and the Transporter differ from the other vehicles in the series with the "BlueMotion" badge on the radiator grille and on the rear, as well as a separate seat fabric.

VW Transporter Bluemotion starts at 25,495 euros net

The Transporter Bluemotion starts in Germany at a net price of 25,495 euros, the Crafter BlueMotion with 80 kW costs at least 27,895 euros. The version with 100 kW is 1300 euros more expensive. (AG)

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