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Less Traffic Jams On The Weekend

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Less Traffic Jams On The Weekend
Less Traffic Jams On The Weekend

Video: Less Traffic Jams On The Weekend

Video: Less Traffic Jams On The Weekend
Video: Fixing the Longest Traffic Jam Ever | CITY FIX | Cities Skylines 2023, June

The wave of travel on the motorways is ebbing. The ADAC expects less traffic on the highways next weekend, but it will be more crowded in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin.

With the beginning of autumn on Friday, quieter times will come on the highways. However, the weekend (23 to 25 September) will not be completely free of traffic jams for drivers, according to the ADAC and ACE automobile clubs. In addition to late vacationers in southern climes, it is above all the many construction sites in the third season that cause bottlenecks.

The following routes are mainly affected:

- A 1 / A 7 / A 24 Greater Hamburg

- A 1 Cologne - Dortmund - Bremen

- A 2 Dortmund - Hanover - Magdeburg

- A 3 Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg

- A 5 Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Basel

- A 7 Hanover - Kassel - Würzburg - Füssen

- A 8 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburg

- A 9 Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin

- A 10 Berliner Ring

- A 93 Inntaldreieck - Kufstein

- A 99 Munich bypass

Wiesn and Wasen

In addition, two public festivals around Munich and Stuttgart ensure more traffic than usual: The ACE expects tens of thousands of visitors to the Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Wasen and massive traffic obstructions.

In addition, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. from September 22nd to 25th ensure full streets in Berlin from Thursday. For this reason, motorists and residents in the Erfurt and Freiburg regions are also facing extensive road closures, some of which will be announced at short notice according to ADAC.

Avoid possible traffic jams with the traffic jam indicator on the Autogazette, which updates every five minutes. (AG / dpa / tmn)

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