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Jaguar Has The Happiest Dealers

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Jaguar Has The Happiest Dealers
Jaguar Has The Happiest Dealers

Video: Jaguar Has The Happiest Dealers

Video: Jaguar Has The Happiest Dealers
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Jaguar has built its leadership position in finding the happiest dealers. In the premium manufacturer segment, Audi had to let the German competition pass.

The British sports car manufacturer Jaguar has the happiest dealers in Germany. In the current Schwacke Brand Monitor, the contractual partners rate the brand with an average rating of 2.04, which corresponds to an improvement over the previous year and has achieved the top position by a clear margin. In second place is the Japanese all-wheel drive specialist Subaru, which again received a grade of 2.19. With Porsche, the first German manufacturer lands in third place with a grade of 2.33.

Dealer satisfaction important for customer support

The brand monitor provides information on how satisfied the local automobile dealers are with their manufacturer. "It seems that both sides are approaching each other more and more and are subsequently more successful together," said Willi Diez, head of the IFA Institute in Geislingen, summarizing this year's results according to the magazine "kfzbetrieb Online". Traditionally, the higher the satisfaction, the better the customer service. Across all brands, the average satisfaction is rated 2.78. For the ranking, 1022 retailers were asked who had to rate 28 features.

Among the German premium manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz and BMW overtook last year's winner Audi. Mercedes ranks first in this special category with a score of 2.39, closely followed by BMW with a score of 2.41. In the overall ranking it is enough for places five and six. Audi is lagging behind in ninth position and among the big three Germans at the end: The dealers only rate the Ingolstadt brand with 2.58; in the previous year, the mark 2.47 was enough for victory in the German premium class.

Opel just ahead of VW

Opel is once again at the top among the German volume manufacturers. The brand's dealers give the Rüsselsheim-based company an average grade of 2.6, which means they have a narrow lead over VW and occupy eleventh place in the overall ranking. VW gets twelfth place with a grade of 2.62, while Ford romps in 15th place with a grade of 2.68. (mid)

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