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Change In Management At Opel Is Delayed

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Change In Management At Opel Is Delayed
Change In Management At Opel Is Delayed

Video: Change In Management At Opel Is Delayed

Video: Change In Management At Opel Is Delayed
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The change at the top of car manufacturer Opel cannot take place on April 1st as planned. The decision of the supervisory board will be made in less than two weeks at the earliest.

The change in leadership at the car manufacturer Opel, which is in need of renovation, is delayed: the approval of the supervisory board required for the personnel rogue is still pending. In the midst of the far-reaching Opel restructuring, the employees in particular have concerns about the restructuring at the top of the company. A decision is expected on April 11th at the earliest.

Avoid April Fool's Day

Actually, the US parent company General Motors (GM) wanted to heave its previous chief developer Karl-Friedrich Stracke to the chief position of Adam Opel AG on April 1st. At the same time, the previous chairman of the board, Nick Reilly, should move to the head of the Opel supervisory board - and be installed as head of GM's European business via Stracke. This post did not last.

But GM miscalculated on its ambitious schedule. In Europe, the supervisory board has to adhere to time-consuming regulations, the committee said: "We don't want the new CEO to be an April Fool's joke." According to reports, various bodies of the Supervisory Board are currently dealing with the personnel issue.

Controversial debates

The debates are likely to be controversial. Because the employee side sees the new structure of the workforce's participation rights at risk. «We have to make sure very clearly that no new level is drawn in. We reject a structure above Adam Opel AG,”said Opel general works council chief Klaus Franz, who is also deputy chairman of the car manufacturer's supervisory board.

The employees want to prevent a General Motors Europe organization from being set up again via Opel: “The ultimate responsibility for Opel-Vauxhall must lie with the AG's board of directors. That is the case Knaxus. " Only when this question has been resolved will the personnel proposal be discussed. Franz is currently declining to comment on Stracke's personality. He had threatened to make a possible counter-proposal for the head of the company. (dpa)

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