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The Heart Of VW Beats Electrically

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The Heart Of VW Beats Electrically
The Heart Of VW Beats Electrically

Video: The Heart Of VW Beats Electrically

Video: The Heart Of VW Beats Electrically
Video: Katy Perry - Electric 2023, June

VW discovered electric mobility. The Wolfsburg-based company aims to become the global market leader in this area by 2018. A product offensive was announced in Geneva.

The Volkswagen Group aims to become the market leader in electromobility by 2018. VW boss Martin Winterkorn announced this on Monday evening in Geneva. "The proportion of electric vehicles should be three percent of our deliveries by 2018," said Winterkorn. "In the future, the heart of the VW brand will also beat electrically," added the manager.

Product offensive and test fleet

On the way to the self-set goal of the market leader in electromobility, Winterkorn has announced a product offensive in the field of alternative drives. The VW Touareg off-road vehicle with a hybrid drive will shortly be launched on the market, and Audi will bring the Q5 onto the market at the end of 2010, but no later than the beginning of 2011, also with a hybrid drive. In 2011, the subsidiary is planning to launch the Audi e-tron in small series at the same time. But Europe's largest automaker doesn't stop there.

In the coming year, the Wolfsburg-based company will also be sending a test fleet of 500 electric Golfs to the start before the small electric car E-Up is launched in 2012. Then there will also be the Jetta with hybrid drive for the US market. VW then wants to conquer the market with the volume models Golf and Jetta.

Hybrid Audi takes its time

Incidentally, the group subsidiary Audi is currently showing its flagship A8 with hybrid drive in Geneva. In contrast to the competition from Mercedes and BMW, the Ingolstadt-based company, who advertise with the slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik”, does not currently offer their luxury sedans with this type of drive for the A8. Although the A8 3.0 TDI has an excellent consumption of six liters, it is not yet possible to offer its customers any alternative drive systems for the flagship. The S400 BlueHybrid from Mercedes already accounts for almost 25 percent of sales. (AG / FM)

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