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Charge Faster With The Nissan Leaf

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Charge Faster With The Nissan Leaf
Charge Faster With The Nissan Leaf

Video: Charge Faster With The Nissan Leaf

Video: Charge Faster With The Nissan Leaf
Video: CHAdeMO Fast Charger Nissan Leaf 2023, June

Even electric cars are not immune to special models. With the Nissan Leaf, it's not just about saving money, but also about significant time savings.

Nissan is issuing a special edition of the Leaf. The best-selling electric car in the world based on the Acenta version not only gives customers a price advantage of 800 euros, but also saves a lot of time when charging.

Nissan Leaf charged in 3.5 hours

Because Nissan donated the Limited Edition a charging connection with 6.6 kW with a Mode 3 charging cable. This reduces the charging time at a 22 kW charging station by three hours. Instead of 6.5 hours, the Leaf only hangs on the cable for 3.5 hours. In addition, according to the manufacturer, all public charging stations are open with the Mode 3 charging cable.

In addition, the Limited Edition comes with blue-tinted 17-inch alloy wheels from AUTEC with 215/50 R17 tires, the solar spoiler for additional charging of the 12-volt vehicle battery and the winter package with heated seats for the front and rear, which is normally only included in the top model Leaf Tekna rear seats, a heated steering wheel and heated exterior mirrors on board.

Nissan Leaf Limited Edition from 28,520 euros

Thanks to the Acenta equipment, the driver can also access a reversing camera, the Carwings telematics system with online support and remote control of charging and air conditioning via a Carwings app and the multimedia system with 7-inch touchscreen and navigation. As the icing on the cake, there is the CHAdeMO fast-charging connection, with which 80 percent of the battery can be charged from sources with up to 50 kW within 30 minutes. Thanks to the so-called Vehicle2Grid competence, the Leaf can feed electricity into the network during times of network load peaks.

The prices for the special model start at 28,520 euros if the battery is rented. With the battery purchased, the price is 34,420 euros. (AG)

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