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Flexible Electric Cars: Nissan Invites You To Tea

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Flexible Electric Cars: Nissan Invites You To Tea
Flexible Electric Cars: Nissan Invites You To Tea

Video: Flexible Electric Cars: Nissan Invites You To Tea

Video: Flexible Electric Cars: Nissan Invites You To Tea
Video: Nissan to Make New Electric Vehicle at U.K. Plant 2023, June

Since Saturday it has been possible to apply for a bonus of 4000 euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle. The purely electrically powered cars can not only serve as an emission-free vehicle.

By Thomas Flehmer

The starting shot for the greyhound race announced by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble for financial donations when buying an electric car started on Saturday. Since July 2, 4000 euros can be applied for when buying an electric car at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Despite the premium, buying an electric car is more expensive than buying a car with an internal combustion engine - plus the limited range.

Nissan offers - also in cooperation with its partners Eaton and The Mobility House - solutions for how the acquisition costs can be amortized over the course of the electric car's life. The Japanese manufacturer operates its electric vehicles in 43 markets around the world. With 31 markets, Europe has the lion's share. "We have sold over 245,000 electric vehicles since 2010," says Michel Jansen, Manager Electric Vehicle at Nissan Europe, "96 percent of buyers gave a recommendation." The market can therefore grow, if of course still at a modest level.

Potential savings of 15,000 euros

The Leafs and e-NV200 - when they charge regenerative electricity - are not only emission-free, but can also be converted into electricity donors. “An electric car could cost around 8,000 euros in the course of its life if it acts as an electricity storage device and delivers electricity itself,” says Marcus Fendt, Managing Director of The Mobility House.

The company with locations in Munich, Zurich and San Francisco offers innovative charging and energy storage solutions to give the energy transition the necessary drive. The company has a charging station in its portfolio where the car is charged at home at favorable times and - depending on requirements - can also feed electricity into the grid or the in-house photovoltaic system and thus the 8,000 euros mentioned over the years earned overnight.

The battery itself can still serve as storage after the end of the car and, according to Fendt's calculations, contribute another 4,000 euros, so that around 15,000 euros of the purchase price flow back into your wallet.

Decorative energy storage for private households

The xStorage can be hung on the wall
The xStorage can be hung on the wall

Together with Nissan, Eaton has developed what is known as xStorage for this purpose. The energy storage device for private households gives the car battery a "second life" with an output of 4.2 kWh. "Should the city power grid fail, the home storage system would overcome this requirement completely independently and provide electricity," says Carsten Rieck, Product Support Manager at Eaton.

In addition, the narrow storage area in any gallery for modern art would not attract attention and even in the household it would not necessarily have to be hidden in the basement, but could also look decorative in the hallway. Around 4,000 euros would have to be spent on this solution, including cabling and installation.

Low maintenance and workshop costs

In addition to the possibilities beyond the actual field of application of the car battery, the electric car also contributes to saving in everyday life. There is no vehicle tax, but the insurance costs 954 euros per year. On the other hand, the electricity costs are kept within limits at an average of 32 euros per month - and could of course be further reduced with the solutions from Eaton and The Mobility House.

In addition, there are workshop costs of just 127 euros per year, since components such as transmissions are omitted in an electric car, and brakes are less stressed due to recuperation.

Fast charge in half an hour

The Nissan Leaf is not just a pure electric car
The Nissan Leaf is not just a pure electric car

Ultimately, the question of the range remains. Anyone who travels a lot can not only recharge the Nissan free of charge at the Nissan dealer, but also up to 80 percent within half an hour using so-called CHAdeMO systems. There are 11,500 of these fast charging stations worldwide, and there are currently 400 in Germany. "We will double this number this year," says Daniel Berg, Nissan's e-mobility specialist.

CHAdeMO is derived from CHArge de Move, which sounds phonetically similar to the Japanese phrase “How about a cup of tea?” With which the electric car driver could bridge the charging time, which is also a good alternative after the greyhound race.

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