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Leipzig Can Hope For New Panamera Production

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Leipzig Can Hope For New Panamera Production
Leipzig Can Hope For New Panamera Production

Video: Leipzig Can Hope For New Panamera Production

Video: Leipzig Can Hope For New Panamera Production
Video: Car Factories: Porsche Production Factory Leipzig 2023, June

The integration of Porsche into the Volkswagen Group is still in full swing. In addition to external problems, there are also internal disruptions.

According to a media report, Porsche is planning to expand its Leipzig plant. According to information from the industry newspaper “Automobilwoche”, not only the Cajun SUV will roll off the assembly line there from 2013, but also the second generation of the Panamera sports coupé from 2016.

Tutoring for managers

However, this could also mean relocating production from the Hanover plant from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to Leipzig. So far, Hanover has supplied the painted bodyshells for the Panamera. Final assembly takes place in Leipzig.

The VW group works council immediately criticized the plans. «It's a ghost discussion. In the Volkswagen Group, for example, there are no decisions on the allocation of products to locations,”said the spokesman for the VW Group Works Council on Saturday for the dpa. “Some managers will have to get a few extra lessons. First of all, the Volkswagen Group Board of Management has to make concrete commitments for the capacity utilization of the Hanover site before anyone even talks about relocating partial production of the Panamera. »

Requires a second model in addition to the Cajun

According to the industry newspaper, the decisive indicator in Leipzig is the construction of a new car body production and paint shop with around 1000 employees, which is to be tackled this year. "An expansion of this size would hardly pay off for just one model," a Porsche manager told the newspaper. "In addition to the Cajun, at least one other type should be built in Leipzig."

Porsche boss Matthias Müller had already announced an expansion in Leipzig some time ago. When asked about the production of the Panamera, however, he replied evasively: “In theory - yes”. However, it is currently far too early to make a decision.

No problems for VW commercial vehicles

The «Automobilwoche» writes that the loss of the Panamera order would not be a problem for VW Commercial Vehicles. "Until then we could set up another project without any difficulties, the employees would not have to worry," said a VWN manager the paper. "Our company could use the capacities that may be freed up in Hanover for realizing its own expansion plans."

The spokesman for the VW Group Works Council, on the other hand, said: “So far, the VW Group Board has not presented an overall concept in terms of the effects of Leipzig on the VW Group's locations. And as long as the employee representatives on the VW supervisory board see no need to decide on the use of VW group technology in the Cajun. " The Stuttgart sports car manufacturer Porsche is to be integrated into the VW Group as the tenth brand after a lost takeover power struggle with Volkswagen. Porsche and VW are already working together on several models.

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