Hyosung 650: Koreans Present A Convincing Mid-range Motorcycle

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Hyosung 650: Koreans Present A Convincing Mid-range Motorcycle
Hyosung 650: Koreans Present A Convincing Mid-range Motorcycle

Video: Hyosung 650: Koreans Present A Convincing Mid-range Motorcycle

Video: Hyosung 650: Koreans Present A Convincing Mid-range Motorcycle
Video: Hyosung Motorcycles 2023, November

The Hyosung Naked 650 could scare the competition. The motorcycle from Korea not only offers convincing performance, but is also extremely cheap.

Thilo Kozik

Who would have thought that just a few years ago: The Hyosung Naked 650 is a really grown-up motorcycle from Korea: It is supposed to scare the established competition.

Similar to Suzuki SV 650

The Korean manufacturer Hyosung, founded 25 years ago, has been producing small-volume mass models and scooters in close technical cooperation with Suzuki since 1979. At a cursory glance at the Hyosung motorcycle, the Japanese seem to have made a substantial contribution. After all, the Naked 650 looks like a drawing board copy of the popular Suzuki SV 650.

However, this does not stand up to close inspection. Because the Hyosung development department - curiously based in Japan - developed all the components, including the engine, on its own. The Naked is produced in the domestic Korea, because of the low production costs. With this, Hyosung is copying the Japanese manufacturers in two senses: on the one hand the product, on the other hand the tactics with which they conquered their world position decades ago!

78 hp engine

So the close technical approach is not really surprising: the engine is a Vau-Two with 647 cc, which result from 81.5 mm pistons that travel 62 mm in the cylinders - the SV has an almost identical stroke of 645 ccm - / bore ratio of 81 to 62.6 mm. Both here and there it is a four-valve dohc twin with a 90 degree cylinder angle and liquid cooling. However, the Hyosung Triebling with 78 hp promises seven more than the Suzi-Vau.

The frame construction, the geometry, the USD fork and the double disc brake system show further strong similarities. And as if that weren't enough, the plastic parts, available in yellow, black or blue, seem to come from the same supplier: The ergonomics are exactly like the original and immediately create the same confidence-inspiring feeling. Only the name on the tank reveals its origin from the Asian mainland. As reliable as the original, the Naked starts at the touch of a button. The engine sounds almost invitingly powerful from the rear silencer on the right-hand side - by the way, with the secondary air system of the Euro 2 standard, sufficient.

Satisfactory propulsion


Thanks to the seemingly antiquated mixture preparation by carburettor, the 650 Vau can be taken on the gas cleanly. The Hyosung unit overcomes the lower third of the speed very decently, the propulsion is quite satisfactory, although not quite as powerful as with the SV engine.

The engineers apparently sacrificed the punch in the basement to the higher peak, which not only suggests the torque curve with a maximum at a high 7500 rpm. Around the top, the Vau is not tough, but just before the 9000 redline it is still lively and easy to turn. The specified maximum speed of 210 km / h seems quite realistic. At the same time, significant vibrations become noticeable, which may arise with increasing mileage. That should not apply to the wobbly six-speed box, which can also only be shifted imprecisely and with difficulty due to a switch arm that is too short. That has already been noticed and could soon be eliminated with a longer lever.

The chassis, which enables easy, agile handling with impeccable stability, just as beginners would probably want - despite the total of around twelve kilos higher vehicle weight compared to an SV. “Brilliant” would be a huge exaggeration for the first driving impression, but nobody expected that. The fork and shock absorber deal with potholes a little too insensitively, but thanks to the damping adjustment options, both still offer fine-tuning options. Overall, the Naked behaves well even on cold and slippery asphalt, well supported by the Pirelli Diablo tires in moderate dimensions on class-standard 17-inch rims in five-spoke design.

Good brakes

There is nothing wrong with the ground clearance, not even with the braking power. The two 300 mm discs in the front wheel do not stop the load brutally, but always safely and easily controlled. For a budget bike, the accuracy of fit, workmanship and features are even okay. Good rear-view mirrors, a storage compartment under the seat and the complete set of instruments with two fuel warning lamps are also welcome details on established motorcycles - and the Hyosung Naked costs just 4999 euros!

Will the 650s from Korea show up as a serious competitor in the shark tank for mid-range motorcycles? Suzuki SV 650, Ducati Monster 620 and Cagiva Raptor 650 have put together the more harmonious and - you hear and be amazed - more individual package. But once the price comes into play, some interested parties are likely to be weak.