BMW Group On Course Again

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BMW Group On Course Again
BMW Group On Course Again

Video: BMW Group On Course Again

Video: BMW Group On Course Again
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The BMW Group is once again on the way to another record year. The electrified models already received the figures for the entire previous year in September.

The BMW Group can provide the sparkling wine for another record year. In September, the Munich-based company added 0.8 percent to 239,764 units sold worldwide. Even after nine months, the group is on course to a new record with 3.7 percent with 1,811,234 new registrations.

The core brand also grew by 3.9 percent after the first three quarters and delivered 1,537,497 units. Despite the model change of the X3, the X family accounts for more than a third of total sales with 522,360 off-road vehicles sold.

Over 10,000 electric vehicles sold in September

But the electrified models are also gaining in importance. After nine months, more electric vehicles were delivered than in all of 2016. 68,687 vehicles represent a growth of over 64.2 percent. In September, 10,786 electric vehicles sold for the first time exceeded the 10,000 mark. BMW wants to sell 100,000 pure electric models or plug-in hybrids by the end of the year.

“We are pleased about the sustained strong sales development of our unique range of electrified vehicles. Independent studies confirm our leading position in the field of electric mobility,”said Sales Director Ian Robertson. “The BMW Group holds the largest share of the global electrified market. We are well on the way to achieving our goal of 100,000 units by the end of the year. This continuous significant growth in sales of electrified vehicles is partly due to the increasing availability of the BMW 5 Series Plug-In Hybrid, which in some markets accounts for up to a third of the sales of the BMW 5 Series Sedan."

Mini and motorcycle with top marks

Mini is also on a record course. The small car brand increased by 2.8 percent with 271,394 sales. Here too, electromobility comes into play. "The popularity of the first ever MINI plug-in hybrid is particularly gratifying, and has already been delivered to over 2,700 customers worldwide since its launch in June," said Brand Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer.

In contrast, Rolls-Royce is nibbling on the model change of the Phantom. With 2,343 sales, the luxury brand from Goodwood recorded a minus of 10.7 percent. According to Rolls-Royce, the ongoing deterioration in the luxury market in some regions had an impact on earnings for the period. The clouding over was used to prepare the plant comprehensively for new models.

In contrast, the motorcycle division is continuously announcing positive figures. After nine months and 127,818 motorcycles and maxi scooters delivered, the two-wheelers are on the way to a new sales record with an increase of 10.1 percent. (AG / TF)