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Kia Reissues Carens

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Kia Reissues Carens
Kia Reissues Carens

Video: Kia Reissues Carens

Video: Kia Reissues Carens
Video: KIA Carens (G4KA) - Капремонт двигателя с пробегом 244 тыс.км! 2023, June

Kia sends the Carens completely transformed on the market. The price of the mini-van should be based on the previous model.

The Korean car manufacturer Kia will bring the next generation of the Carens onto the market in mid-October. According to Germany's managing director Haydan Leshel, the prices have not yet been determined. But they should be “adjusted for equipment about the same level as their predecessor,” said Leshel at a presentation in Travemünde. So far, the Carens basic price has been 17,615 euros.

Two engines to choose from

According to Kia, the minivan has grown by a few centimeters in every dimension. With a length of 4.55 meters, it will for the first time offer the option of a third row of seats. The two seats in the rear can then be stowed in the floor of the car so that the trunk can be expanded in stages from 77 to 1618 liters.

According to Kia, there is a gasoline and a diesel engine to choose from. The Otto engine combined with a five-speed gearshift has an output of 106 kW / 145 PS. It accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 11.0 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour (km / h).

Small diesel from 2007

The data sheet shows 103 kW / 140 PS, also an acceleration value of 11.0 seconds and 187 km / h as the top speed for the compression-ignition engine, which is supplied with six gears and a standard particle filter. The average consumption is Kia with 6.1 liters of diesel and 8.1 liters of gasoline. As a third variant, there will be another diesel with an output of 87 kW / 115 PS from mid-2007.

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