VW Celebrates 30 Years Of The Caddy

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VW Celebrates 30 Years Of The Caddy
VW Celebrates 30 Years Of The Caddy

Video: VW Celebrates 30 Years Of The Caddy

Video: VW Celebrates 30 Years Of The Caddy
Video: Новый Volkswagen Caddy по цене от 1,94 млн рублей поступил в продажу в России. Volkswagen CADDY 2021 2023, September

In 1982 the VW Caddy saw the light of day - at that time still as a pickup. The commercial vehicle division is taking the anniversary as an opportunity to transform the high-roof station wagon into a special model.

VW's commercial vehicle division is celebrating the 30th birthday of the Caddy. The special model Caddy Edition 30 drives up with a black painted roof and high-sheen rims. At the same time, there is a high-quality interior as well as the 125 kW / 175 PS 2.0 TDI with DSG. This makes the birthday child the strongest caddy of all time. So far, a maximum of 140 hp have been installed under the bonnet.

Five engines to choose from for the VW Caddy

Of course, the lettering on the rear, the sliding doors or the door sill strips should not be missing in order to point out the special model to those who do not know. In the interior, the occupants receive Alcantara leather seats, semi-automatic air conditioning and multifunction steering wheel, as well as shift cuff and handbrake lever in leather.

The special model is available as a five- and seven-seater as well as a car and a panel van for tradespeople.

Five engines are available from 75 kW. The prices for the Caddy Edition 30 start at 17,105 euros net for the panel van. As a car, the Caddy Edition 30 starts at 20,095 euros. The most powerful Caddy of all time costs at least 24,025 euros net, as a car it costs 26,600 euros.

VW Caddy started as a pickup in 1982

30 years ago, the Caddy started out as a Golf I-based pickup. In 1995, the Seat Inca high roof combination was converted into a caddy, which was also available as a pickup until 2003. It was only with the third generation that the Caddy got its current stature and was face lifted two years ago. The practical all-rounder has been sold over 1.6 million times since it was launched. (SP-X)