Danger On Forest Roads From Deer Crossing

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Danger On Forest Roads From Deer Crossing
Danger On Forest Roads From Deer Crossing

Video: Danger On Forest Roads From Deer Crossing

Video: Danger On Forest Roads From Deer Crossing
Video: Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren't there more? 2023, November

The time change to daylight saving time is dangerous for motorists. Increased movement of game is to be expected, especially on forest roads, as the animals are looking for food.

Due to the changeover to summer time on forest roads, motorists must expect more game passes. Roe deer in particular are looking for forage during rush hour and switch between forest and field areas. There is an increased risk of accidents especially in the morning and evening at dusk. At this time, sexually mature roebucks are also looking for new territories, warns the German Hunting Association (DJV).

Drivers should be particularly careful in places where fields and forests meet. In such areas the animals crossed the street particularly often. According to the DJV, many motorists underestimate the extent of a wildlife accident. "A deer weighing 20 kilograms has an impact weight of one ton in a collision at 100 km / h." But also other animals such as wild boars and deer should be watched out for after hibernation or hibernation in the months of March and April, as they are looking for food.

Road users need to drive particularly attentively and at an appropriate speed wherever deer crossing areas are marked by warning signs. You should also be careful with newly built roads through forests, because here the animals usually keep their usual change.

Reduce speed

If game appears, one should immediately reduce the speed and dim the light. In addition, horn should be used to scare away the animal. Under no circumstances should dangerous evasive maneuvers be attempted in order not to run the risk of colliding with an oncoming vehicle. “It is also important to expect stragglers, because an animal rarely comes alone,” said Josef Harrer from the Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland (ARCD).

Should an accident occur due to deer, the hazard warning lights should be switched on and the scene of the accident secured with a warning triangle, advises the ARCD. Dead game should be removed from the street, but contact with bare hands should be avoided as there is a risk of rabies. After that, even if the animal is not injured, you should contact the police or the hunter to have the wildlife accident confirmed. In some federal states, accidents involving wildlife are even notifiable.

The car club points out that the insurances with a partially comprehensive insurance usually only cover the damage of accidents with game. (AG / TJ)