VW Fine: Unexpected Windfall For Lower Saxony

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VW Fine: Unexpected Windfall For Lower Saxony
VW Fine: Unexpected Windfall For Lower Saxony

Video: VW Fine: Unexpected Windfall For Lower Saxony

Video: VW Fine: Unexpected Windfall For Lower Saxony
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The fine of one billion euros imposed on Volkswagen helps the state of Lower Saxony to take an unexpected income. The public prosecutor classifies the sentence as "painful" for VW.

The billion-dollar fine imposed on Volkswagen in the diesel affair washes an unexpected windfall in Lower Saxony's state coffers.


"The state government will submit a proposal for the use of the funds in connection with the budget consultations," the red-black state government emphasized in a statement on Thursday. The budget consultations are due in the next few weeks.

Fine payable within six weeks

Prime Minister Stephan Weil and his deputy, Minister of Economic Affairs Bernd Althusmann - both are representatives of the state government on the Volkswagen Supervisory Board - welcomed Volkswagen's recognition of the fine. The group is thus committed to its responsibility, both emphasized.

The fine totaling one billion euros was imposed by the Braunschweig public prosecutor as part of the diesel affair the day before. The prosecutors saw “breaches of duty of supervision” in the group as proven. It should be transferred to the state main treasury within six weeks.

Lower Saxony has so far received 350 million euros

The concrete effects on the state budget are currently being examined. According to this information, however, the income is not included in the income that is to be taken into account for the state financial equalization.

In the current budget for 2018, the Ministry of Finance in Hanover claims that it has earned around 350 million euros so far. These come about through court costs, fines and similar payments at the higher regional courts.

The public prosecutor's office wanted to avoid laughter

The public prosecutor's office rated the fine itself as painful for Volkswagen. "A thousand million euros for an administrative offense is already an announcement and I assume that this is of course painful," said Chief Public Prosecutor Klaus Ziehe on Thursday.

"If we had the feeling that this leads to general laughter and a transfer from the postage account, we would have determined a different amount," he added.

After more than two years of investigation, Ziehe was satisfied with the result. To the best of his knowledge, it is the highest fine that has ever been imposed on a company in the history of the Federal Republic. (dpa)