Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

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Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance
Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Video: Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Video: Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance
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Motorcyclists can save a lot of money when they take out insurance. The Stiftung Warentest has found significant differences.

Motor vehicle insurance offers great potential for savings for motorcyclists. This is what Stiftung Warentest has now established in a comparison of vehicle insurance offers for the three machines BMW R 1200 GS, Honda CBF 600 and Suzuki Bandit 650.

Significant price differences

This resulted in price differences of more than 100 percent. Itzehoer has proven to be the cheapest insurance company, followed by Badische Allgemeine and Huk24 Classic. However, a price comparison between motorcycle insurances is difficult because there are more than 100 providers and they calculate their premiums according to different tariff structures.

Many insurers make the premium dependent on the place of residence, so that higher premiums are charged in regions with many accidents or thefts. For example, the same biker with the same motorcycle pays three times the annual premium in Berlin than in Emsland.

Pay attention to regional classes

For drivers in expensive areas, according to the goods testers, it is therefore worthwhile to take an insurer that has no regional classes and offers the same premiums nationwide. Beginners can also be classified very differently. With some insurances it is 210 percent, with others only 100 percent.

So before the savings potential that lies in motor vehicle insurance for motorcycles can be exhausted, a few offers must first be compared and carefully checked. (mid)