Chevrolet Instead Of "Chevy"

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Chevrolet Instead Of "Chevy"
Chevrolet Instead Of "Chevy"

Video: Chevrolet Instead Of "Chevy"

Video: Chevrolet Instead Of "Chevy"
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General Motors has borne the nickname of its most important brand in its grave. In the USA this started an emotional discussion, in Germany it is more relaxed.

Chevy is dead, long live Chevrolet: The US auto company General Motors buries the nickname for its most important brand. In a circular to the employees, the management called on them to only use the official name Chevrolet, even when dealing with family and friends. Chevy is hardly known outside of the home market, which repeatedly leads to confusion, it was said to justify.

Management surprised by discussions

After the service instructions became known, an emotional discussion about the naming ban broke out in Internet forums. "That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time," said one Chevy fan. The commentator for the national television channel CNBC spoke of an "American cult brand" that could not be dealt with like that. "Chevy won't go away," he said.

The management, obviously surprised by such a violent reaction, tried to limit the damage: “We love Chevy,” announced the top management on Thursday. In a globalized world, however, a clear brand is essential. In no way should customers or fans be discouraged from using the nickname.

Common communication

Chevrolet is by far the most important brand in the GM Group and is present in more than 130 countries. Around 3.5 million cars with the gold-colored logo roll off the assembly line every year. GM sells very different vehicles under the name depending on the country: In Germany, the cars of the South Korean subsidiary Daewoo have been operating under the name Chevrolet since 2005.

Here you react more calmly. "We have always talked about Chevrolet and will continue to do so, not least because we act together in communication worldwide," said Chevrolet spokesman Rej Husetovic of the Autogazette. However, the nickname “Chevy” is also common and common in Germany. (AG / dpa)