The Porsche Boss Doesn't Believe In Buying Premiums For E-cars

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The Porsche Boss Doesn't Believe In Buying Premiums For E-cars
The Porsche Boss Doesn't Believe In Buying Premiums For E-cars

Video: The Porsche Boss Doesn't Believe In Buying Premiums For E-cars

Video: The Porsche Boss Doesn't Believe In Buying Premiums For E-cars
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Oliver Blume doesn't believe in buying premiums for electric cars. Rather, the expansion of the charging infrastructure is important, said the head of sports and off-road vehicle manufacturer Porsche.

Porsche boss Oliver Blume has little thought for an electric car purchase bonus of 5000 euros. The focus must be on expanding the charging infrastructure, which would be more sustainable investments, said the head of the sports and off-road vehicle manufacturer in Stuttgart.

The VW subsidiary wants to bring an electric sports car with a range of at least 500 kilometers and 600 hp on the market by the end of this decade. Here, Porsche relies on fast charging stations that enable the car battery to be charged 80 percent in 15 minutes. Such charging stations do not yet exist in the German road network.

Charging stations as a guarantee of success

Charging stations are "an essential guarantee of success, so that electromobility is accepted not only in Germany, but worldwide," said Blume. Purchase bonuses, on the other hand, would be issued quickly and therefore less useful. In general, the Porsche boss sees “the future very clearly” in electromobility. But: "It won't be overnight, we will always have the mix between combustion and electric vehicles for many years to come."

The federal government is considering buying incentives in order to still achieve its goal of one million electric cars in Germany in 2020. Talks with the auto industry started last week. Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) is aiming for a premium of 5000 euros, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has so far been resisting it.

When it comes to financing the charging network, Blume believes politicians have an obligation. "You cannot demand to have a million electric vehicles in the country without making a contribution to the charging infrastructure," said Blume. "We expect a very clear indication of where the journey is going."

Hold service area operators responsible

Service area operators should also co-finance the expansion of the charging network, after all, they would benefit from the electricity charging insofar as the drivers would spend longer at the filling stations and then spend more money. In addition, it is clear that the car manufacturers also have to make their contribution, said Blume.

According to reports, the electric Porsche should cost at least 100,000 euros - so the share of the premium in the acquisition costs would be significantly lower than for electric cars from BMW or VW. The starting price for their current all-electric vehicles is around 35,000 euros - in practice the range is around 150 kilometers. A range of 500 kilometers is feasible, emphasized Blume. "You will see significant leaps in battery technology over the next few years."

The battery production should take place in Germany, for example in a kind of network together with suppliers. "Germany has always done well to keep industry in its own country," said Blume. Nowadays battery cells are mainly manufactured in Asia. (dpa)