Father Saves Child From Burning Car

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Father Saves Child From Burning Car
Father Saves Child From Burning Car

A father rescued his four-year-old son from a burning car in Dorsten. The child suffered life-threatening burns. Why the car caught fire is still unclear.

In a dramatic rescue operation, a father, with the help of a passerby in Dorsten on Saturday, rescued his four-year-old son, seriously injured, from the family's burning car. The child was flown to a special clinic in Bochum with life-threatening burns, the police said. 70 percent of the skin surface is burned. The child's condition remained critical on Sunday as well.

Son buckled in the child seat

The father parked in front of a supermarket in Dorsten on Saturday afternoon to go shopping there. He left his son strapped in the child seat on the back seat of the small car. When the 30-year-old came out of the store, the interior of the vehicle was already on fire. With the help of a passerby, the father was able to free his child through the trunk. The father suffered burn injuries to his hands and had to be treated on an outpatient basis in a hospital.

How the car caught fire is still unclear, according to the police. The child probably caused the fire himself. According to initial investigations, a technical defect can be ruled out just as much as external fault. The ADAC advises not to leave children alone in the car, not even for a brief moment. (AG / dpa)