Federal Council Clears The Way For Autonomous Driving

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Federal Council Clears The Way For Autonomous Driving
Federal Council Clears The Way For Autonomous Driving

Video: Federal Council Clears The Way For Autonomous Driving

Video: Federal Council Clears The Way For Autonomous Driving
Video: Ericsson + Veoneer - Clearing the way for safer autonomous driving 2023, December

The Bundesrat has approved the legislative framework for autonomous driving passed by the Bundestag. Drivers can now take their hands off the steering wheel while driving.

In the future, computers will be allowed to take over driving functions in cars on German roads - but the person at the steering wheel must be able to intervene again and again. This provides for a legal framework passed by the Bundestag, which the Bundesrat also approved on Friday.

"We are legally equating drivers and computers," said Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU). The Federal Council also paved the way for new incentives to make car sharing offers more attractive, for example with free parking and reserved parking spaces in sought-after locations.

Rules come into effect on September 1st

In future, the federal states will be able to decide whether or not to set such incentives. They are possible for vehicles with fixed stations, but also for vehicles that can be picked up and parked at any location. The rules are expected to come into force on September 1st.

In car sharing, people share cars. According to the industry, more than 1.2 million customers were registered at the beginning of the year, sharing a good 16,000 vehicles from 150 providers. A new sign for car sharing parking spaces is now also regulated.

VDA welcomes new guidelines

In the case of computer cars, it must be possible to override or deactivate the systems at any time. This also applies if the driving function is disturbed, for example because a tire bursts. The computer must use a sound or light signal to prompt you to drive yourself “with sufficient time reserve”. "This enables the driver to take their hands off the handlebars during the highly automated journey, for example to surf the Internet or check e-mails," explained Dobrindt.

In view of the rapid technical development, the regulations are to be reviewed in 2019. For evidence in cases of doubt, automated vehicles must have a data memory - similar to the "black box" on airplanes. The Association of the Automotive Industry(VDA) welcomed the legal framework as an essential step for use on the roads. "Automated driving will make road traffic safer, more efficient and more comfortable." (dpa)