Urwahn Bike: With The City Fox Through The City

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Urwahn Bike: With The City Fox Through The City
Urwahn Bike: With The City Fox Through The City

Video: Urwahn Bike: With The City Fox Through The City

Video: Urwahn Bike: With The City Fox Through The City
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The bicycle boom leads to new bicycle brands. This also includes Urwahn Bikes. With the Stadtfuchs, the company offers a new designer bike.

Urwahn Bikes wants to set accents with its bikes compared to the competition. Especially with its frame, the model called "Stadtfuchs" stands out from the steadily growing range of purist designer bikes.


At first sight, the “Stadtfuchs” looks like a typical representative of sporty, Spartan bikes with a single-speed aura. But the slim steel frame in the rear area makes a decisive kink that is supposed to give the bike that special something.

Frame with integrated LED light

In contrast to the usual diamond frames, the seat tube ends halfway towards the bottom bracket and instead merges into the seat stay. The frame looks so light and elegant, especially since it integrates LED lighting. At the front of the head tube there are two mini-emitters arranged one above the other. In the upper area of the seat tube, a small taillight was also embedded. Electric cables for the lights run invisibly inside the frame.

In contrast to what is usually the case in the industry, this was made in Germany. Some parts come from the 3D printer, a production process that is also unusual in bicycle construction. The factory integration of a GPS tracking system that enables the owner to locate his bike is also rare.

Price is 4000 euros

Otherwise, the “Stadtfuchs”, which weighs only 12 kilograms, is characterized by a good level of equipment. A CDX belt drive in combination with an 11-speed Alfine gear hub is used for the drive. A small Son hub dynamo supplies the electricity for the lighting. There are also hydraulic disc brakes, platform pedals with grip tape as well as handlebar grips and a saddle from Ergon.

The noble components, together with the unusual frame construction and GPS positioning technology, ensure that the price level is also high. The “Stadtfuchs”, which can be ordered online, costs around 4,000 euros. And contrary to what you might expect given this price, there is no electric drive. The delivery time is four to six weeks. In order to optimize the bike for everyday use, it can also be equipped with mudguards or luggage racks for a surcharge. (SP-X)