GM And Opel Rely On Hydrogen For Hawaii

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GM And Opel Rely On Hydrogen For Hawaii
GM And Opel Rely On Hydrogen For Hawaii

Video: GM And Opel Rely On Hydrogen For Hawaii

Video: GM And Opel Rely On Hydrogen For Hawaii
Video: Hydrogen Powered Hydro Gen 3 Opel 2023, December

GM and Opel are starting an interesting project. In order to make Hawaii independent of oil imports, the manufacturers there are pushing the operation with fuel cell vehicles.

From 2015 onwards, hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars will be rolling in Hawaii. This is the goal of a joint initiative between GM and the energy supplier "The Gas Company". As part of the "Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative" project, 20 to 25 hydrogen filling stations are to be built to make the island less dependent on oil imports.

Program interesting for other countries

"Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles are critical to sustainable mobility," said Charles Freese, GM's executive director for all fuel cell activities at the launch of the program in Hawaii.

"If the key factors for a hydrogen infrastructure in Hawaii are successfully tested, this is also a good example in other US states. Germany, Japan and Korea are also building their hydrogen infrastructure. The self-contained program in Hawaii is certainly also for other countries interesting."

NRW as a new test location

The alternative drive technology is also to be tested further in Germany, with a fleet of hydrogen cars in North Rhine-Westphalia. The federal state recently joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), a lighthouse project for Europe funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport.

"The European development activities for hydrogen vehicles are an important pillar of GM's global strategy. The focus is on technologies for batteries, range extension and fuel cells," says Dr. Thomas Johnen, Director of the European Center for Alternative Drives in Mainz-Kastel.

Covered 2.2 million kilometers worldwide

Ten HydroGen4 fuel cell vehicles have been in everyday use for test purposes in Berlin since 2008. The partners, including the ADAC and the Hessian state representative in Berlin, come together again and again to share their experiences with the Opel engineers. So far, the fourth generation has covered more than 2.2 million kilometers worldwide. A total of 17,000 refueling has taken place so far. (mid)