BMW Motorrad Expands Heritage Line

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BMW Motorrad Expands Heritage Line
BMW Motorrad Expands Heritage Line

Video: BMW Motorrad Expands Heritage Line

Video: BMW Motorrad Expands Heritage Line
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The BMW R nineT was an instant hit with customers. Now the Munich-based heritage line is being expanded by two versions. You can see them at the Intermot in Cologne. The revised K 1600 GT is also there.

BMW Motorrad is stepping on the gas on several model fronts at the Intermot: The Heritage line, which previously consisted of two models, is being expanded to include two further versions; they are called R nineT Pure and R nineT Race. In addition, the Bavarian flagship two-wheeler, the K 1600 GT, is being thoroughly updated. The S 1000 RR, S 1000 R and S 1000 XR models equipped with the one-liter four-cylinder engine will also be revised and some of the more powerful engines will be delivered from the beginning of next year.

Since BMW presented the very classic R nineT, which is optically based on the BMW heritage, at the end of 2013, the demand for this model has exceeded all expectations. No wonder that the run on the Heritage world of experience is used to win customers with additional models. Based on the R nineT Scrambler, which was only available in stores a few weeks ago, two further versions of the familiar theme can now be seen in Cologne: The roadster reduced to the essentials is called the R nineT Pure, the Cafe Racer is called the R nineT Racer.

Pure roadster with 110 hp

Both are powered by the well-known air-cooled boxer engine with a displacement of 1170 cubic centimeters and 81 kW / 110 PS, of course configured according to the new EU-4 emission standard. The pure Roadster has elements of the R nineT as well as the Scrambler model and represents the basic version of the Heritage model line. It will be available from March 2017 for 12,300 euros.

The R nineT Racer is a classic-looking sports motorcycle whose line is based on the zeitgeist of the early 1970s. The seating position is crouched, clip-ons and a seat hump as well as a tightly cut half-shell paneling give this model a special style. Like all nineT models, the R nineT Racer also benefits from modern technology: exhaust gas purification, chassis and brakes are ultra-modern. Both new Heritage versions have a three-part steel frame, which enables individualization according to the personal taste of the owner. The price is 13,300 euros, the Racer will also be available from March.

Subtle facelift for the K 1600 GT

BMW K 1600 GT
BMW K 1600 GT

The six-cylinder K 1600 GT tourer has been given a subtle visual and a profound technical update. The focus of the revision is on the engine control and the chassis. The six-cylinder in-line engine received a new mapping as part of the revision to meet the EU-4 standards; the maximum output will continue to be 118 kW / 160 PS. There are three driving modes and dynamic traction control available. In response to popular requests from customers, a reversing aid will be available as an option in the future to make maneuvering easier.

A shift assistant for clutchless upshifting and downshifting is also available as an option.

The semi-active suspension and damping system Dynamic ESA will be supplied as standard in the future. The K 1600 GT is the first BMW model to be able to enjoy the eCall system "Intelligent Emergency Call". The modifications are rounded off by a new graphic of the instruments. In addition, the wind and weather protection has been optimized. The price of the six-cylinder super tourer, which will be available from February, will rise by 650 euros to 21,900 euros.

DTC for S1000 RR

Various model maintenance measures sharpen the profile of the sporty S 1000 models. The Superbike S 1000 RR now receives the DTC dynamic traction control as standard and is delivered as a single-seater; alternatively, the vehicle is available free of charge as a two-seater. In the future, the ABS Pro will also be included in the “Pro riding modes” option, which means ABS that can be tilted. The 2017 model will be available from January, the price of 17,400 euros remains unchanged.

There are more changes to the S 1000 R. The sportiest roadster in Bavaria will be five hp more powerful with 121 kW / 165 hp and at the same time two kilograms lighter. New are a titanium rear silencer, a vibration-isolated handlebar for more comfort and a new frame structure with a lighter rear frame. The multifunctional instrument cluster should be easier to read in the future, the paneling has been reduced. There are also various new additional equipment. The S 1000 R comes to dealers in February and costs € 13,600, € 250 more than before.

The S 1000 XR adventure sports model will in future have the same engine output as the S 1000 R; the handlebar is also decoupled from vibrations. At the same time, the payload is increased by ten kilograms. The XR will be available from February at the unchanged price of 15,300 euros. (SP-X)