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Something For Everyone

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Something like a trend already emerged last year. In 2010, the manufacturers of light motorcycles hope for even better sales opportunities. And the big manufacturers are also rethinking.

By Thilo Kozik

Since the big motorcycles business was more than

bad last year, the manufacturers looked for other sales opportunities. They have rediscovered the light motorcycle after years of disregard and a whole range of manufacturers have fresh arrows in their quiver for the next year.

Kawasaki debut

For the first time, Kawasaki is involved in the 125cc mix, and that with two premiere models: the Enduro KLX 125 and the Supermoto D-Tracker. Both come with an air-cooled 125 two-valve single that delivers a rock-solid 10 Nm torque and with 7 kW / 10 PS a little less than the maximum permitted. While the KLX-Enduro (3095 euros) is equipped with stylish spoked wheels and high fenders, the Supermoto version shows the puristic look of the asphalt drifters (3395 euros).

The Austrian hard-enduro manufacturer KTM is also very fresh with two models in the classy Kiska design. Both show a highly developed engine technology with four-valve cylinder head, water cooling, petrol injection and two overhead camshafts, with which the permitted 11 kW / 15 PS should be achieved with ease. A handsome

steel tubular space frame gives the whole thing stability. The market launch of the two attractively designed 125cc models is planned for spring 2010.

News from Taiwan

The Spanish manufacturer Rieju is launching the RS3 125, an attractive light motorcycle as the successor to the RS2 for sports fans, in the coming year. Particularly striking: the super sporty design with a steel-aluminum composite frame, USD fork, radial brake caliper and twelve-spoke cast wheels. A four-stroke single-cylinder with four-valve technology is responsible for propulsion.

The Taiwanese SYM Cevalo 125 is fresh and sporty on the road. Visually, the Asian 125 is a cross between Yamaha's FZ1 and Kawasaki's ER-6, while the Taiwanese rely on their own technology for the engine: the air-cooled four-stroke engine is developed and manufactured in-house. The dry semi-naked bike, weighing 152 kilograms, is set to make our roads unsafe as early as spring 2010.

Squat Italian

The Italians from Beta are actually known for their trial and enduro motorcycles, but with the Urban 125 they are opening up a far greater potential for customers. Stylistically, the 125 cc, which weighs just 101 kilograms dry, with its unclad face and robust double-loop tubular steel frame provides a minimalist orientation.

The tires with 19 inches at the front and 16 inches at the rear are unusual, which makes the Urban look stocky. An air-cooled ohc single with two valves acts as a robust base. There is something for everyone among the numerous innovations - now the youngsters just have to grab it. (mid)