Yamaha MT-07: Small Changes, Big Impact

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Yamaha MT-07: Small Changes, Big Impact
Yamaha MT-07: Small Changes, Big Impact

Video: Yamaha MT-07: Small Changes, Big Impact

Video: Yamaha MT-07: Small Changes, Big Impact
Video: Обзор Yamaha MT-07 2021 года 2023, September

The Yamaha MT-07 is now four years old. Their continued success - around 17,000 units have been sold across Europe year after year - has prompted the Japanese to bring the second update just two years after the first revision.

More than 120,000 bikes sold worldwide since 2014 undoubtedly justify this effort, even if the starting price of 6800 euros is still tightly calculated. The further development mainly affects the improved chassis, ergonomics and design.


There is nothing more to say about the fantastic 700cc two-cylinder because of the unchanged technology; The market doesn't know a more pleasant engine than this 75 hp engine: pulling power, ease of revving, smooth running, character - a pleasure. No changes to the wheels, brakes, lighting and exhaust systems as well as cockpit displays.

Yamaha with great efforts on the chassis

Not so with the chassis: more demanding drivers often found it to be too imprecise and, apart from the preload of the central spring strut, could not be adjusted. Yamaha has made great efforts here: The 41 millimeter telescopic fork is now equipped with harder fork springs, and the rebound damping has been increased by 16 percent.

Even more has been invested in the shock absorber, which is also purchased from Kayaba: the rebound damping can now be changed, and the accessibility of the preload setting has been improved. The spring rate has been increased by eleven percent, the rebound damping by a total of 27 percent, the compression by 40 percent. The functionality of the shock absorber corresponds to that of the higher-quality MT-09.

Noticeably improved drivability of the MT-07

The result of the many small modifications is a noticeably improved drivability of the MT-07 under all conditions. The spring elements respond better, the "pumping" that was previously almost permanent when driving hard on bumpy roads is now significantly reduced. Even when driving very fast on furrowed asphalt, the driver no longer has fears that the MT-07 could get out of control.

However, there is no need to make any significant compromises in terms of comfort. The improvement in seating comfort also contributes to this. The newly formed 14-liter tank is slightly wider, but ends a centimeter further forward, as the now more tightly padded bench is a little longer and offers more freedom of movement.

The side of the seat now extends further forward on the tank flanks, which improves the contact between the thighs and the tank. The taller seat allows Yamaha to accommodate tall riders. It increases the distance between the seat and footrests by almost three centimeters. This "sports seat" is available from dealers as an accessory. The standard seat height of the MT-07 remained unchanged at 80.5 centimeters; the slightly narrower seat improves the accessibility of the floor.

All-rounder at reasonable costs

Yamaha MT-07. Photo: Yamaha
Yamaha MT-07. Photo: Yamaha

The design is fresher than before; it takes up the MT basic elements, but is a bit reduced compared to the much more powerful models MT-10 and MT-09. That is a good thing, because the vast majority of those interested in MT-07 should appreciate a somewhat more subtle appearance. The finely tuned sound from the very discreet rear silencer goes perfectly with this; full of character, but far removed from any kind of annoyance.

So we can recommend a visit to the Yamaha dealer and an extensive test drive with the 2018 MT-07 to all those who want to ride an easy-to-use all-round motorcycle at manageable costs with a clear conscience.

On the streets of Andalusia, sometimes with miserable weather conditions and horribly slippery roads, the actually succinct sentence crossed our minds again and again: “No one really needs more motorcycle”. In the case of the Yamaha MT-07, there is a lot of truth to it: there is actually no other motorcycle that offers more than the MT-07, taking into account engine, handiness, ride comfort, usability and price. (SP-X)