Energica Eva EsseEsse9: Progress All Along The Line

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Energica Eva EsseEsse9: Progress All Along The Line
Energica Eva EsseEsse9: Progress All Along The Line

Video: Energica Eva EsseEsse9: Progress All Along The Line

Video: Energica Eva EsseEsse9: Progress All Along The Line
Video: Я каталась на Energica Eva EsseEsse9 2020 ~ MotoJitsu 2023, September

The Energica Motor Company has launched a new electric bike, the Eva EsseEsse9. The motorcycle is named after the Italian State Road 9 - Italian SS 9 or EsseEsse 9.

It runs over 350 kilometers from Rimini on the Adriatic Sea to Milan. The historic Via Emilia cuts almost dead straight through the vast plain of the River Po. About halfway is the city of Modena, known among gourmets for the balsamic vinegar that comes from here.


Automobile fans tend to think of the Ferrari brand, which is located in the immediate vicinity; Lamborghini is also just 20 kilometers away. On the outskirts of Modena there is also the headquarters of a largely unknown start-up company that has dedicated itself to the electric motorcycle: Energica Motor Company begins the third year of production with a new model that bears the name of the most important road in the region wears: Eva EsseEsse9 is the name of the high-tech bike.

Energica Eva as the basis of EsseEsse9

Energica Eva EsseEsse9. Photo: Energica / Damiano Fiorentini
Energica Eva EsseEsse9. Photo: Energica / Damiano Fiorentini

The name “Eva” in the model name gives it away: The EsseEsse9 is based in many parts on the Energica Eva model, which has been available since last year. An 11.7 kW battery and an 80 kW / 107 PS electric motor, together with the considerable weight of 280 kilograms, are the most important key data of the very unusually designed Eva.

They are also characteristic of the EsseEsse9, but not only the design differs from that of the Eva: Together with the significantly modified ergonomics, the driving behavior changes. The EsseEsse9 is much easier to drive, the top-heaviness of Eva is only noticeable cautiously, turning into curves is therefore almost easy. The high spurt quality is identical thanks to the extremely high torque.

Energica Eva with 145 HP

For less experienced drivers, the Energica Eva - available as an alternative from this year with a 107 kW / 145 PS engine - turns out to be quite dominant. The Eva EsseEsse9 is completely different: the lower seat height in connection with the significantly higher mounted and slightly different cranked handlebars make the 1,550 euro cheaper EsseEsse9 appear a whole lot more manageable. The fact that the handlebar grips have been moved a little closer to the driver makes a significant contribution.

It is impressive how much better the technically otherwise unchanged Eva EsseEsse9 drives compared to the previous base model. Incidentally, a passenger will also feel much more comfortable on the EsseEsse9 than on the Eva, because the seat is hardly tiered and therefore there is much better contact with the driver. The latest model also appears more accessible to many viewers thanks to the new design of the vehicle front, the side panels and the bench. The fact that the EsseEsse9 has a round LED spotlight, the body of which is optionally anodized in blue or black, plays a major role. Together with the cockpit display, which looks very filigree from the side, the front looks much more delicate than that of the Eva.

High quality materials are used

The materials used are still of extremely high quality: they consist of the finest carbon, although this is neutralized by the paintwork. The background to this is that the quantities are still so small that it would be more expensive for the manufacturer to have the corresponding pressing tools made than to produce carbon parts in the existing facilities; Energica's parent company CRP is a very successful outfitter in motorsport up to Formula 1, whose portfolio includes carbon parts.

In addition to the basic version, Energica offers a special version of the EsseEsse9: With special paintwork of various parts as well as eye-catching, very high-quality accessories such as the “Neuner-Schild” on the side, it looks even more valuable, but also requires an additional payment of almost 2,000 euros. The EsseEsse9 also offers the option of investing several thousand euros in Öhlins chassis elements and particularly high-quality wheels.

120 kilometers range


Let's come to the crucial question in the discussion about electric vehicles: What about the range and charging of the batteries? The clear answer is "yes - but". The advantage of all Energicas is the option to use CCS charging stations; The battery can be charged to 85 percent of its usable capacity in just 30 minutes. Provided that such a pillar is reachable and accessible. The range is strongly dependent on the driving mode: On the test tour from Modena to the Abbruzzo region and back, we made it 120 kilometers with a mixed driving style; We did not advance into the range of the possible maximum speed.

It is of course annoying when the battery supply is running out and fast charging is not possible, because then a stroll is the order of the day if you do not want to be satisfied with the juice from a household socket. It should not be overlooked that Energica also provided the EsseEsse9 with some very useful details in practice: These include the maneuvering aid, the excellent readable and richly equipped TFT display in the cockpit, the very good Brembo brakes with well-regulated Bosch ABS and the very sophisticated setting options for the drive program and recuperation.

It looks as if Energica can hope to be able to slowly increase production: So far, only "under 100 vehicles" (Energica boss Livia Cevolini) have rolled onto the streets. (SP-X)