FB Mondial HPS 125i: Attention Guaranteed

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FB Mondial HPS 125i: Attention Guaranteed
FB Mondial HPS 125i: Attention Guaranteed

Video: FB Mondial HPS 125i: Attention Guaranteed

Video: FB Mondial HPS 125i: Attention Guaranteed
Video: FB Mondial Problems UPDATE & Modifications 2023, September

FB Never heard of it? Quite possible. The initials stand for Fratelli Boselli. The Mondial HPS 125i is now the first model from this motorcycle brand to hit the German market.

Triumph from England, Indian from America, plus the German brands Kreidler and Horex. there is always someone who revives a motorcycle brand that has not existed for decades and - in the best case - leads it permanently on the road to success.


Of course, the cases in which the resuscitation fails are more frequent. However, the process surrounding the Italian brand FB Mondial, which was founded in 1929, is unique: it is currently being re-established after its decline in the years 1960 to 1979 from the founding family, initiated by a direct descendant of the Boselli brothers; The initials "FB" - Fratelli Boselli stand for them.

The first model in German retail is the FB Mondial HPS 125i, and there is now a 125 supermoto and an eight-liter enduro. The third and fourth steps will soon take place in the form of a 300 and another series.

FB Mondial HPS 125i is an eye-catcher


The FB Mondial HPS 125i is an eye-catcher, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed: The rear is extremely short, and the bench in a beautiful brown tone with a rump-like cut is correspondingly tight. Yes, there are footrests for a pillion passenger, but where there should be space is not an approximation.

The two extremely short exhaust pipes in scrambler style, i.e. at the level of the driver's knees, do not fail to serve as eye-catchers, and neither does the curved steel handlebar with the two chrome-plated handlebar end mirrors. Add to that the sweeping engine underbody, the unusually shaped headlight and the spoked wheels with thick studded tires - it just fits.

The list of the special features of the FB Mondial HPS 125i has already shown: functionality was not the focus of the design efforts. Anyway, behind the code HPS is the term hipster. The fantastic-looking handlebar end mirrors increase the overall width from 71 to an incredible 104 centimeters, making it difficult to meander through the dense traffic. The exhaust pipes, reinforced by fancy heat insulators, impair the relaxed foot position and the short seat makes taking a second person with you a challenge - but no matter: The little Mondial does not fail to work, is simply a mood cannon, good for nothing but joyful to whiz around town and country. What more do you want!

On the go with 14 hp

The water-cooled single-cylinder engine obtained from the Piaggio Group provides 14 Euro 4-compliant horsepower and is a pleasant drive. The small engine gets down to business with very little vibration and easy turning. It goes without saying that there isn't much going on downstairs. But if you always keep the speed beyond the 7,500 mark and don't shy away from reaching the speed limiter at around 10,600 tours, you will make rapid progress.

You are spared from jostling trucks on the Mondial: the speedometer shows around 110 km / h on the flat, and even on inclines you can keep up to 100 km / h if you put in fifth gear and brave full throttle. Consumption is low in absolute terms at around three liters per 100 kilometers, but high in relation to displacement and power, but constantly high engine speeds naturally take their toll.

The chassis with an upside-down fork that is four centimeters thick and two suspension struts with a reservoir is tight, but not uncomfortable and conveys a sense of wellbeing. Thanks to its low weight of only 133 kilograms and the wide handlebars, the Mondial can be easily turned and kept on course as easily as it is stable. The two disc brakes in filigree wave style grip perfectly and deliver good deceleration values; the risk of blocking is countered by installing a combination brake system.

After a little getting used to, the central instrument in the cockpit, reminiscent of a gear, is easy to read; the driving speed appears digital, the engine speed circles along the outer edge, but can also be displayed digitally. Displays for the coolant temperature, the tank level and the time are well integrated.

Bike is built in China


Even if there is a Boselli behind the company FB Mondial 2.0 and the development takes place in Italy: The HPS 125i and its half-sisters are of course no longer built at the former company headquarters in Manerbio in Lombardy, Italy, but in China; With the exception of the engine, the entire technology (suspension elements, brakes, tires, lighting …) comes from there. An assembly in Europe would certainly not allow the vehicle to be brought onto the market for 3,495 euros and still earn something.

The German importer reports that the single-cylinder engine of the larger-capacity version HPS 300i from 250 to 300 cubic centimeters will deliver around 25 hp and that the vehicle, including ABS and ancillary delivery costs, will cost 4290 euros. In addition, a second model series called Pagani is in the pipeline for 2018, based on the HPS. With full fairing and a sporty rear, it should be available as a 125 for 4,000 euros and as a 300 for 4,500 euros. So it could well be that Count Pier Luigi Boselli actually succeeds in firmly anchoring the FB Mondial brand in the market again. Whether it will one day achieve such tremendous successes as in the ten world championship titles that FB Mondial achieved between 1949 and 1957 cannot be foreseen today. Let's wait and see. (SP-X)