Chevrolet Matiz Stable After Name Change

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Chevrolet Matiz Stable After Name Change
Chevrolet Matiz Stable After Name Change

Video: Chevrolet Matiz Stable After Name Change

Video: Chevrolet Matiz Stable After Name Change
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For the Matiz, the switch from Daewoo to Chevrolet has paid off in full. When buying a used small road cruiser, you should give preference to the younger generation.

It wasn't long ago that the name Chevrolet only stood for vehicles in the lush US format. In the meantime, car connoisseurs and car buyers have to rethink: Because what bears the Chevrolet trademark in Germany, for example, was only recently called Daewoo - and has little in common with a road cruiser. One of the most famous cars of the old and new brands is the Matiz small car. It remains to be seen whether it is due to the name change of the brand or the manufacturer's improvement measures - in any case, earlier Daewoo Matiz in the breakdown statistics of the ADAC are more likely to be defective than the younger vehicles with the Chevrolet logo.

Malfunctions in engine management

The deficiencies recorded by the ADAC in Munich affect the most diverse areas of the vehicles. In the years of construction 1999 and 2000, engine defects and burned-out cylinder head gaskets were recorded. Defective injectors are for the years 2001 to 2003, and there are also faults in the engine management for the years 1999 to 2005. Up to the year of construction 1999 there were also defective ignition coils and distributor caps. Jamming steering wheel locks were also found on the cars of this year, as well as damaged shift linkages and slipping clutches.

The Matiz with the Daewoo logo came onto the market for the first time in 1998. The small car received a facelift in 2002 and has been known as the Chevrolet Matiz since 2005. Among other things, the Matiz is praised for its clear body and proper handiness.

Small engine selection

With regard to the engines, the Matiz offers little choice. In the beginning, it was only available with a 0.8-liter three-cylinder engine that had an output of 38 kW / 51 hp. The version with a four-cylinder engine, 1.0 liter displacement and 47 kW / 63 hp was added later. In the Chevrolet Matiz, the performance of the 1.0-liter engine is given as 47 kW / 64 PS.

The used prices are at a low level. According to the Schwacke list, there is a Daewoo Matiz 0.8 S from 1998 for around 1900 euros. A model 1.0 Miss Daisy from 2003 is traded for around 4200 euros. 5550 euros have to be invested for a Chevrolet Matiz 1.0 SE Plus from 2005. (dpa / gms)