Mini Paceman JCW: Thanks To The Countryman
Mini Paceman JCW: Thanks To The Countryman

Video: Mini Paceman JCW: Thanks To The Countryman

Video: Mini Paceman JCW: Thanks To The Countryman
Video: Сел в MINI Paceman JCW I John Cooper Works, стильный пластиковый табурет 2023, November

The Mini Paceman is the youngest member of the emerging premium small car family. Thanks to the relationship to the first four-door model from the British BMW subsidiary, the coupé was adapted to the modern age after just two years.

The Paceman, available since the end of 2012, is the youngest member of the extended mini family. Only the classic Mini, which debuted in the second generation in the spring, is even fresher. With two doors and the roof line sloping sharply to the rear, the Paceman could best be described as a coupé; In contrast to the mini derivative called the Coupé with only two seats, there are four seats and a trunk that is generous for mini standards. Now it has received a subtle facelift and a small revision of the engines. Mini now demands 100 euros more for the coupe. As a Cooper it starts at 23,800 euros, the top model John Cooper Works with 160 kW / 218 hp now costs 36,050 euros.

Mini Countryman follows Paceman

Ready for processing after two years? That doesn't happen so often with vehicles, here the Paceman benefits from his close relationship with the four-door, five-seat Countryman. It's been on the market since 2010 and has now been refreshed for the second half of its life. And where the mini makers have already been there, they also looked a little more closely at and under the sheet metal of the coupé and given it almost the same changes as the Countryman. These include a new radiator grille and chrome rings for the air vents and improved noise insulation. In addition, all engines (Cooper, Cooper S, JCW, Cooper D and Cooper SD) now meet the Euro 6 emissions standard.

You have to like its appearance as a bonsai BMW X6. The sloping roof line should be emphasized even more by means of color contrasts. Why not order the roof in red to go with the new “Midnight Gray Metallic” body color? By focusing the roof, the two doors are also brought into focus at the same time, family-friendly four-door concepts like the Countryman are ultimately not in demand here.

Mini Paceman JCW without any problems when being noticed

Mini revised the Paceman after a short time
Mini revised the Paceman after a short time

There are also red stripes on the side as well as on the hood and at the rear. Getting noticed is not a problem. This is also ensured by the slightly modified front on the top model with the JCW logo and a red slat in the radiator grille. The color red continues in the interior with applications on the doors, the dashboard and the center console.

The John Cooper Works also stands out due to the typical JCW athlete attributes such as two tailpipes, 18-inch light alloy wheels and special side skirts and entry strips. The 1.6 liter turbo with direct injection has an unchanged output of 160 kW / 218 hp and is therefore on par with a Golf GTI (162 kW / 220 hp). The power is transmitted to all four wheels as standard via a six-speed gearbox.

Mini Paceman JCW under seven seconds to 100

Mini revised the Paceman after a short time
Mini revised the Paceman after a short time

Not that you could experience the potential of the JCW on the heavily controlled and speed-limited Scandinavian motorways and country roads without wanting to risk hefty fines. But driving that is not necessarily species-appropriate also provides driving pleasure. You can feel that the athlete would start running immediately if you let him and show that he is now 0.1 seconds faster than before in the standard sprint, so now in 6.9 seconds. And the intermediate sprint from 80 to 120 km / h is now faster. Instead of 7.8 seconds, it only takes 7.6 seconds.

Aside from such number games: It's always nice when you are pushed vigorously into the standard sports seats when accelerating, or the typical mini chassis and chassis when cornering quicklyCan experience go-cart feeling.

Mini Paceman benefits from length

That works at least to some extent under the cameras of the Danish and Swedish surveillance systems. By the way, it is good that the driver's gaze falls on the easily readable digital speedometer and thus the speed overview is preserved. The normal, plate-sized speedometer, on the other hand, is, as usual, not suitable for reading the speed. You can safely ignore it for this purpose. Otherwise the interior is familiar. The aluminum rail, which extends from the rear to between the driver and front passenger seats, is smart. Cup holders or a glasses case can be clicked into them.

Incidentally, only two seats are provided at the rear. Passengers up to 1.85 meters in length sit comfortably in the rear, despite the sloping roof line, provided they manage to get awkwardly, but hopefully smoothly, to the rear. Speaking of the rear: The trunk volume is 330 liters, if you fold the rear seat backs, the value increases to 1080 liters. Here you can particularly see that the Paceman is 30 centimeters longer than the new normal Mini, which is now 3.82 stretched.

Long list of options for the Mini Paceman JCW

Of course, it can't end now: Because - if it does, then, even the top model offers ample opportunity to increase the basic price. There is, for example, the equipment package JCW Chili for 4600 euros with, among other things, automatic air conditioning, on-board computer, leather steering wheel, xenon lights and LED fog lights. Metallic paintwork costs 500 euros, leather seats 800 euros. A mini navigation device is available for almost 1400 euros and and and. If already - then already. (SP-X)