Kia Stonic: Brimstone Butterflies At Work

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Kia Stonic: Brimstone Butterflies At Work
Kia Stonic: Brimstone Butterflies At Work

The Kia Stonic stands out from the crowd just because of its trendy paintwork. The mini-SUV, trimmed for lifestyle, also meets the requirements of everyday life.

Because in a full parking lot, the Florida yellow metallic brimstone with a roof in aurora black metallic offers its owner a shining point of reference where to go. The purchases are then placed on the 352 liters of the trunk, which can be expanded to 1155 liters. Then there is only room for two people, as the back seat is folded down and the Stonic reveals its next practical side.

In contrast to the poppy exterior appearance, the interior presents itself fully to the needs of everyday life. The fabric seats are designed so that longer distances can be covered. The instruments shine in the typical Kia DNA, are easy to read and easy to use. There is enough space on the 4.14 meter length and the wheelbase over 2.58 meters. The guests in the second row also sit comfortably and, thanks to the elevated shape, without fear of bumping their heads.

Agile three cylinders for the Stonic

The Stonic's engine is limited to three cylinders. The 1.0 T-GDI has at least 88 kW / 120 PS and 172 Newton meters, which are applied between 1500 and 4000 revolutions. This means that the 1.2-tonne truck can reach Tempo Hundred from standstill in 10.3 seconds.

Of course, the unit gives off the typical rough sound of the three pots when accelerating, but this is very cautious. If the right speed is also found, the noises move further into the background.

Don't be afraid of driving bans

The side view of the Kia Stonic. Photo: AG / Flehmer
The side view of the Kia Stonic. Photo: AG / Flehmer

Only at full speed towards the top speed of 185 km / h and above do the noises become more noticeable again. Then consumption also swings into the double-digit range. However, such motorway sequences - without a speed limit and with an empty route - occur very rarely.

During a leisurely journey at a speed of 120, the clock showed 6.2 liters. In the city, the Stonic demanded 0.2 liters more - three-cylinders are just a bit thirstier per se. With the 17-inch tires that is 1.2 liters more than the calculated value. Like all Kia, the Stonic also has the Euro 6d-Temp emission standard and does not need to fear driving bans.

Numerous helpers on board

The cockpit of the Stonic. Photo: Kia
The cockpit of the Stonic. Photo: Kia

The fear of any harm is also reduced. With an emergency brake assistant, lane departure warning and high beam assistant as well as cross traffic warning and drowsiness assistant, the Stonic in the second highest version Spirit is well equipped. There is not so much demand for adaptive cruise control in this class, but it would also take the burden off the driver when driving on the motorway.

Connectivity is also provided. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are on board if the smartphones meet at least 5.0 Lollipop or iPhone 5. Real-time traffic information or warnings of danger spots are also displayed on the seven-inch touchscreen. And also for the mostly smaller guests in the second row is taken care of. You can connect your tablet or smartphone to a USB charging socket and say goodbye to what's happening inside the passenger compartment.

Seven year guarantee

So that the little passengers can also use their headphones in the Kia Stonic T-GDi 120 in the Spirit version, parents must first invest at least 22,350 euros. With metallic paintwork, technology package and navigation system, the price is € 24,880. As with every Kia, the seven-year guarantee is included and is also transferred in the event of a resale - this is another aspect with which the Stonic masters both lifestyle and everyday life.