EU Parliament Resolves «climate Emergency»

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EU Parliament Resolves «climate Emergency»
EU Parliament Resolves «climate Emergency»

Video: EU Parliament Resolves «climate Emergency»

Video: EU Parliament Resolves «climate Emergency»
Video: European Parliament declares climate emergency | DW News 2023, November

The European Parliament declared a “climate emergency” for Europe with a large majority. This is intended to put pressure on the legislation.

429 MPs voted for a corresponding motion for a resolution, there were 225 votes against, and 19 MPs abstained. The resolution is a symbolic act, but it is intended to build pressure for concrete legislation. This is intended to underline that urgent action must be taken because of climate change, said Parliament.

He was proud to have achieved a majority in the European Parliament to make Europe the first continent to declare a climate and environmental emergency, said the chairman of the Environment Committee, Pascal Canfin, after the vote. This will meet the expectations of European citizens.

Concrete measures against climate change

In the resolution, the parliamentarians called on the EU Commission, the member states and global actors to immediately take concrete measures against climate change. In addition, the new EU Commission under President Ursula von der Leyen must check all of its work for consequences for the climate and the environment.

In May, Konstanz was the first German municipality to declare a climate emergency. Dozens of cities have now followed suit, including Cologne, Kiel, Saarbrücken, Bochum, Karlsruhe and Gelsenkirchen. In some cases, the cities have initiated far-reaching environmental protection measures - such as converting car lanes into cycle paths or higher parking fees in city centers.

Cities have responded to the call

Numerous cities around the world have also responded to the call of nature and climate protectionists: Cities such as Los Angeles in the USA, Vancouver in Canada, London and Basel in Switzerland have already passed similar resolutions. Some national parliaments have also declared a climate emergency.

In Great Britain, the House of Commons voted in favor of it in May - but the decision was not legally binding there. In Ireland, MPs also approved a motion to this effect in May, declaring a climate emergency. (dpa)