BMW X1: A Reliable Endurance Runner

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BMW X1: A Reliable Endurance Runner
BMW X1: A Reliable Endurance Runner

Video: BMW X1: A Reliable Endurance Runner

Video: BMW X1: A Reliable Endurance Runner
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The BMW X1 is popular with customers. Anyone interested in the Munich-based SUV as a used car can do so without reservation.

BMW has been offering the second generation of the compact SUV model X1 for a little over four years. Correspondingly, the Hochbeiner, internally called type F48, has a wide range of used copies in the relevant online exchanges.

Some X1s are offered for well under 20,000 euros. New you have to invest at least 33,000 euros. Even a high mileage doesn’t have to be a deterrent, because like its predecessor, the Munich-based man is also a reliable endurance runner in generation two.

Second generation 4.44 meters long

While the first X1 still looked like a mixture of SUV and station wagon, the proportions of the new edition leave no doubt as to whether it belongs to the SUV segment. It is visually balanced and beefy, almost like an X5 in compact format. Although the second X1 is slightly shorter than the first generation at 4.44 meters, it still offers significantly more space inside thanks to the 9 centimeters longer wheelbase. The new X1 is therefore well suited as a family and everyday car. With a trunk volume of 505 to 1,550 liters, you are equipped for most transport tasks.

Unlike its predecessor, which was built until 2015, the second X1 generation is based on a front instead of rear-wheel drive platform. If you want a model with all-wheel drive, you have to look for models with xDrive in the name, those with front-wheel drive are called sDrive. If you disregard the particularly economical basic 16d diesel, all units actually offer a decent to lavish level of performance. The weaker engine variants are often found as used ones in combination with manual transmissions, but more than three quarters of all X1s are offered with automatic transmissions.

Wide range of engines

There are only three and four cylinders with 1.5 and 2.0 liter displacement and a power range from 116 hp to 231 hp. A really convincing combination is the 150 hp 18d with eight-speed automatic, as it brings good performance with comfort and low consumption (4.1 liters) in line.

In terms of comfort, technology and security, the X1 already has a lot to offer in the basic version. Even in an absolute economy version you will find a 6.5-inch color display, air conditioning, hands-free kit, leather steering wheel and a number of intelligent assistance systems. Thanks to these little helpers, the Bavarian was able to assert himself with a full five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test. Nevertheless, the basic equipment leaves something to be desired. If you like to travel and / or transport a lot, you should look out for models with a folding front passenger seat and a rear bench that can be moved lengthways. Other recommended extras are the large infotainment system, head-up display and cruise control.

SUV meets premium standards

During the main inspection, the X1 lives up to its premium claim. In the statistics of the TÜV for the first general inspection, it shows consistently excellent values in almost all test categories. Even the chassis - typical Achilles heel of an SUV - has so far been without defects. Like its predecessor, the X1 F48 can also be recommended with a defect rate that is well below the segment average.

If the second generation of the BMW X1 was previously too expensive for you, you can now find alternatives on the used market at significantly more favorable conditions. Several thousand copies of the second generation can already be found in online exchanges. If the budget itself is not enough, you can alternatively look for the rear-wheel drive predecessor. Used vehicles with moderate mileage are offered here for four-digit sums. Whether first or second generation: Both are considered rock solid. (SP-X)