Nissan Qashqai: An Oldie With Many Strengths

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Nissan Qashqai: An Oldie With Many Strengths
Nissan Qashqai: An Oldie With Many Strengths

Video: Nissan Qashqai: An Oldie With Many Strengths

Video: Nissan Qashqai: An Oldie With Many Strengths
Video: Oil consumption, overheating and other problems of the Nissan 2.0 engine (QR20DE). Subtitles! 2023, September

The Nissan Qashqai is now one of the older models in the Japanese portfolio. Nevertheless, the 1.3 DIG-T DCT we drove left a positive impression.

The compact SUV is now in its seventh year, so that the Nissan Qashqai is approaching the end of its life cycle. The successor is already scratching his hooves. But there is still generation two who, apart from the little things, leave a pleasantly fit impression. This is especially true for the top version we tested, which financially penetrates into astonishingly high spheres for a Qashqai.

Although old, the almost 4.40 meter long five-door can still be seen. Character lines in the sheet metal cladding create a basic dynamic that is further emphasized by stylish 19-inch wheels. Paired with a shiny blue metallic and the LED light graphics on the front and back, it cleverly conceals its age.

Stale display in the interior

Inside, one or the other ravages of time are more likely to reveal themselves. In the meantime, generous and chic display worlds have established themselves in the car industry, but in the Qashqai these are limited to a rather small touchscreen in the center of the dashboard and an additional display between the classic round instruments. The latter shows information from the on-board computer but none from the infotainment system.

The Qashqai's cockpit. Photo: Nissan
The Qashqai's cockpit. Photo: Nissan

This, in turn, cannot display navigation and radio at the same time. In other words: if you want to have everything at a glance, you have to change the display modes from time to time. Other competitors are already further here. On the other hand, there is the very modern option of connecting smartphones and also activating some functions via voice command. Entering a navigation address is not always successful.

Variety of assistance systems

The Qashqai with its extensive family of assistants is contemporary. Among other things, the vehicle is kept in the lane and a desired distance from the vehicle in front. The control quality of self-driving technology occasionally showed weaknesses, because not every lane marking is correctly interpreted, while trucks driving parallel to motorway curves are occasionally recognized as obstacles. Despite a few unnecessary steering and braking interventions, the technology relieved us, especially on long tours. If you want, you can even take your hands off the steering wheel for a short time. However, the vehicle soon warns the driver to intervene again - first acoustically, after a few seconds with a courageous brake intervention, which inevitably lets even the most hardened refusal to put their hands on the wheel.

The space and ergonomics are pleasingly good. The space in the rear could only be a bit cramped beyond 1.80 meters. The choice of materials and the appearance of the surfaces leave a somewhat cost-optimized impression in places. The paddles on the front seat heaters, which are located at the rear end of the center console, appear almost crude. These are still real switches that don't need to be laboriously searched for.

Quick acclimatization

Anyway, despite the many functions, you can find your way around quickly and easily. In addition to the warm seats on request, the Qashqai in the Tekna + version that we tested also offers pleasant extras such as a heated windshield, which eliminates the need to scrape ice, because the white film on the window thaws away shortly after the engine has started.

1.3 liters of displacement sounds somehow like waiver, but the turbo unit unleashes a creamy 160 hp and 270 Newton meters, which sometimes fall a bit stormy over the front wheels. When starting off, the tires can occasionally whimper slightly, and at full throttle the steering wheel tends to pull a little to the left or right. All-wheel drive could help but is not offered. Nevertheless, everything can be easily controlled and dosed. You don't have to worry about changing gears thanks to the seven-stage dual clutch transmission.

Fast to 100 km / h

The speed levels are automatically changed quickly and smoothly. The sprint to 100 km / h takes 9.9 seconds, with a maximum of 200 km / h, which can be easily reached. The pull through during intermediate sprints on the autobahn is impressive; if you press the gas hard at 120, 160 are a short time later on the clock.

This makes the drive a little slower, but by no means dull. The same applies to dances on winding country roads, because he willingly and willingly lets himself be shooed around corners. Despite the binding nature and large wheels, comfort is not neglected either. Overall, the substructure offers a good balance for everyday life. The acoustics are also pleasant, because the engine remains very cautious, and wind noises only become noticeable above 160 km / h.

The stern of the Qashqai. Photo: Nissan
The stern of the Qashqai. Photo: Nissan

Turbo is running, Turbo is drinking? Yes, but not bad. Actually, the downsizing engine should be satisfied with 5.8 liters. If you drive sensibly, it turns into a practical 7, with a somewhat brisk driving style, 7.5 to 8 liters of petrol are possible over 100 kilometers.

Confident price

Savings could probably also struggle a little with the price, because our test copy came with a full equipment to over 39,000 euros. That sounds steep, but in view of the many nice things on board it is not.

After all, the Qashqai as Tekna + also offers electric leather seats, a panoramic glass roof, DAB radio, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, Bose sound, keyless entry and start system, full LED headlights, reversing camera, electronic parking brake and the Apple Carplay connectivity standards and Android Auto. Yes, purely in terms of age, the current Qashqai is actually an old iron, but practically it looks largely fresh. (SP-X)