Mercedes X-Class: Farewell To The Pick-up

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Mercedes X-Class: Farewell To The Pick-up
Mercedes X-Class: Farewell To The Pick-up

Video: Mercedes X-Class: Farewell To The Pick-up

Video: Mercedes X-Class: Farewell To The Pick-up
Video: В первую очередь - Mercedes, а потом уже пикап. Тест-драйв Mercedes-Benz X-Class | Наши тесты 2023, September

The Mercedes X-Class started with great expectations. They did not come true. The pick-up is now set.

The last units of the pick-up will roll off the assembly line in May, orders will only be accepted until mid-January. The magazine "Automotive News" initially reported this, and the manufacturer has now confirmed the information.

Mercedes only added the first pick-up in its company's history to its range in 2017, the platform was taken over by its cooperation partner Nissan.

Noble than the Nissan Navara

In comparison with the Navara of the Japanese and the Renault Alaskan, which is also identical in construction, the X-Class appears much more elegant outside and inside. As the only model in the trio, the Mercedes also has an optional six-cylinder engine and permanent, not just switchable all-wheel drive.

In return, the Stuttgart-based company is also calling for higher prices: With a limited range of engines, the list currently starts at just under 49,000 euros, and the cheapest variants were not available for significantly less than 40,000 euros. For comparison: the technology brother Nissan Navara, but also other competing models such as VW Amarok and Ford Ranger start at around 30,000 euros. This is an important selling point, especially for the price-sensitive part of the pick-up target group - craftsmen and traders.

Positioning failed

A positioning of the Mercedes X-Class as a noble alternative to the more robust flatbed trucks of the competition has obviously not worked. In the first quarter of 2019, Daimler had already decided not to have the X-Class built in Argentina as planned. The country is considered one of the markets in which pick-ups are in high demand among customers. According to the company, the main reason for this was that the price expectations of customers in Latin America could not be met.

In addition to Europe, the only important markets recently included Australia and South Africa; the comparatively small pick-up was never intended for the US market. Possibly a bug. Most recently, Mercedes was only able to sell around 10,000 X-Classes per year worldwide. (SP-X)