Cadillac Escalade: New Edition Of The Thick Ship

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Cadillac Escalade: New Edition Of The Thick Ship
Cadillac Escalade: New Edition Of The Thick Ship

Video: Cadillac Escalade: New Edition Of The Thick Ship

Video: Cadillac Escalade: New Edition Of The Thick Ship
Video: Самый дорогой Эскалейд 2021: Майбах по-американски, первый в России! #ДорогоБогато Cadillac Escalade 2023, September

For many people in Europe, the Cadillac Escalade is an anachronism because of its size. In other countries like the USA it looks different.

The US car company General Motors is renewing its SUV models on the so-called T1 platform, on which GM Yukon, Chevrolet Silverado and the Cadillac Escalade, which are also officially available in Germany, are based. The latter has now been unveiled in Los Angeles in its new edition, which is characterized by many known as well as a number of new properties.

The Escalade was actually big up to now, but in its new edition it can now increase to 5.38 meters, which also enables a wheelbase that is 12.5 centimeters longer. The long version ESV will in future extend to as much as 5.77 meters and, thanks to a trunk of up to 3585 liters, can even keep up with small vans.

New display

As always, the SUV offers its guests plenty of leather, chrome and wood. Despite the varied mix of materials, the workplace is tidy, as many functions are controlled via the menus of the infotainment system. This sets new standards in terms of display technology, because three screens with the latest OLED technology are also used here in a curved shape. The screen behind the steering wheel offers a 12-inch screen diagonal. Behind it there is a 7-inch touchscreen offset to the left and another 14-inch touchscreen to the right. The three-part cinema screen thus extends over 38 inches very far over the very wide dashboard.

Customers can choose between five equipment variants. The basis (!) Called Luxury already offers the infotainment system with the OLED displays. In addition, 22-inch wheels, steering wheel heating and three-zone automatic air conditioning are always included. Optional delicacies of the seven-seater are a rear entertainment system and an audio system with 3D surround sound. The audio technology even offers microphones that pick up the voices of the occupants and output them to the loudspeakers of other occupants close to their heads, which enables uncomplicated conversations between people in the first and third row of seats.

Level 2 autonomous driving

In addition, the big American masters automated driving skills at level 2. On the motorway, he drives without the driver's hands on the wheel and can also change lanes hands-free when the driver sets a blink signal.

For the first time, a diesel engine with six cylinders, three liters of displacement and 281 hp is available for the Escalade. As with the 6.2-liter V8 (426 hp), the diesel is always linked to a 10-speed automatic. In addition to rear-wheel drive, there is also all-wheel drive as well as adaptive air suspension and a magnetic ride chassis.

In the summer, Cadillac wants to bring the new Escalade onto the market in its home country. A possible start date for Germany has not yet been set. The same applies to the price, which will almost certainly be six figures. (SP-X)