Tern HSD S8i: Practical Everyday Bike

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Tern HSD S8i: Practical Everyday Bike
Tern HSD S8i: Practical Everyday Bike

Video: Tern HSD S8i: Practical Everyday Bike

Video: Tern HSD S8i: Practical Everyday Bike
Video: eBike Stories: Anders and his Tern HSD S8i 2023, November

Visually appealing is different. The Tern HSD S8i is an extremely practical folding bike. It leaves a good impression in everyday life.

Cargo bikes are incredibly practical, but also bulky and therefore unattractive for many purposes. Unlike the new HSD from the folding bike specialist Tern, which is agile and easy to handle despite the luggage solutions that are easy to load and cuts a fine figure as an everyday bike. The pedelec can easily be guided through narrow passages or parked in the basement, driveway or garage to save space.


However, the HSD is unlikely to win a beauty award. In its own way, it rejects the industry's striving for ever more elegant designs. There are pipes winding in many directions, luggage solutions in XL format or a battery bar wrapped in a mesh frame. Simple and elegant looks different.

Tern solidly processed

On the other hand, the ensemble appears solid, neatly processed and particularly well thought out. The latter is already noticeable when adjusting the seating position: thanks to a two-part seat post with two quick releases, it can be adapted to very small and very large drivers. Also clever is the special adjustment technology for the handlebars, which can be adjusted in height, width and angle with one movement after releasing two levers. The driver can thus spontaneously set a more sporty or comfortable posture without tools.


The HSD focuses on comfort. This is underscored by the deep frame, gel saddle, Ergon grips, thick balloon tires and the Suntour suspension fork for easy mounting and dismounting. In any case, the bike takes away any fear of bumps. If that is not enough, a suspension for the saddle is available. In view of this design, the HSD also gives a somewhat spongy driving experience. If you prefer a more direct feedback, you can achieve this with bulging tires and activated damping lock on the front fork. Then the torsion-resistant cargo bike precisely implements steering commands. The hydraulic disc brakes from Magura with sensitive control and confident deceleration also ensure a feeling of perfect control.

25 km / h no problem

The drive, which is particularly quiet thanks to the Gates belt, has a cozy character. This is where the Active-Line-Plus mid-engine from Bosch comes into play, which you experience as balanced and moderately powerful even in the highest support level "Turbo". 25 km / h are not a problem on a flat stretch, inclines or strong headwinds require lower gears of the eight-speed gear hub and muscle strength.

However, the HSD, which weighs a good 25 kilograms, is a pedelec in which the user quickly loses the desire for intensive footwork. Accordingly, he will fear an empty battery. According to the manufacturer, the 500 Wh battery should allow a range of up to 140 kilometers, in practice it was between 40 and 50 kilometers in our case with the predominantly highest support level.

This is sufficient for the daily commute, especially since the battery can be easily removed and charged at any household socket. The power storage is of course secured with a lock, the key of which also fits the spoke lock. Whoever closes the latter - thanks to a chain in the optional textile compartment in the frame triangle, connection is also possible - immediately holds the key for the battery in hand.

A parking space? No problem

It is easy to find a suitable parking space for the HSD, because it is pleasantly compact and narrow for a cargo bike. In the case of space-saving storage, an additional mechanism is helpful with which the handlebars can be folded in lengthways. Thanks to special set-up points at the end of the long luggage rack, vertical parking is even possible. Other luggage solutions, such as the optional textile bags or the front luggage rack, are also designed to maintain the slim line.


There are straps on the pockets that allow the side lashing to be as tight as possible. If, on the other hand, maximum storage space is required, these are surprisingly easy to swallow. The luggage rack can handle 60 kilograms, the entire bike 170 kilograms. A week's shopping can already be accommodated in the 70 liter side pockets, which cost a good 190 euros extra. Even transporting a crate of drinks or other bulky goods is no problem thanks to a "shortbed tray" mounted on the rear rack.

Entry costs 4000 euros

However, the many extras cost. The S8i variant with belt drive and gear hub that we tested already costs 4,000 euros. If you add a few luggage solutions, and Tern offers a large number of different options, it can easily be 500 euros more.

In return, you get an extremely versatile and also low-maintenance bike that, thanks to its many smart luggage ideas, has the right solution for almost every everyday task. The Tern HSD is even suitable as a touring bike, provided that the focus is not on the sporting experience. It is also suitable for the daily commute to work. And anyone who spontaneously visits the supermarket after work does not have to worry in advance whether they will notice everything. (SP-X)