The Number Of Road Deaths Reached A Low In

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The Number Of Road Deaths Reached A Low In
The Number Of Road Deaths Reached A Low In

Video: The Number Of Road Deaths Reached A Low In

Video: The Number Of Road Deaths Reached A Low In
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The number of traffic fatalities on Germany's roads fell further last year. A total of 3059 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2019.

The number of traffic fatalities fell by 6.6 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Thursday in Wiesbaden, citing preliminary figures. So few people have never died since the statistics came into existence. The number of injuries also fell: with around 384,000 cases, 3.0 percent fewer people were injured.

However, the police recorded more accidents again, around 2.7 million or 1.9 percent more. 300,200 of them were injured or killed. The figures are available for the full year, but individual late reports from the police are still possible, said a spokesman for the Federal Office. Nationwide statistics have been kept since 1953.

Pay by November

There are more detailed results for the period from January to November 2019. According to them, there was the sharpest decrease in the number of fatalities of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters - with a minus of 15.1 percent. Fewer pedestrians also had fatal accidents, the number fell by almost seven percent.

On the other hand, the statistics show a sharp increase among pedelec riders with an increase of 32.6 percent to a total of 114 deaths, 28 more than in the previous year. The number of seriously injured people rose by around a fifth to 2,452. The controversial e-scooters that have been scurrying around in many cities since last summer, however, have not yet been specifically identified. From when this will be the case is still unclear, said the spokesman.

Increasing numbers in Lower Saxony

The number of road fatalities has been falling for decades - with small outliers. In 1970, the previous peak was reached with more than 21,000 road deaths. In 2018, however, there was an increase to 3275 compared to the previous year, the reason being, among other things, more cyclists killed.

There was a different development in the federal states in 2019. Lower Saxony (plus 14 fatalities), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (plus 3 fatalities) and Bremen (plus 2 fatalities) reported more road fatalities to the Federal Office than in the previous year. Otherwise the numbers fell the most in Bavaria (minus 77), in Saxony (minus 38) and in North Rhine-Westphalia (minus 32). Measured by the number of inhabitants, the risk of dying in road traffic was highest in Saxony-Anhalt with 62 fatalities and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 55 fatalities per million inhabitants. (dpa)