Trump Forces GM To Build Ventilators

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Trump Forces GM To Build Ventilators
Trump Forces GM To Build Ventilators

Video: Trump Forces GM To Build Ventilators

Video: Trump Forces GM To Build Ventilators
Video: Trump Orders GM to Build Ventilators 2023, November

The USA is now particularly badly affected by the corona virus. US President Donald Trump has now announced the purchase of 100,000 additional ventilators.

It is to be procured within the next 100 days through purchase or additional production by American companies. That corresponds to three times the US production of a normal year, said Trump on Friday in the White House. "We will produce a lot of ventilators," said Trump, referring to the lung disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

It is quite possible that the US does not need as many devices, said Trump. In this case, the machines could be passed on to Great Britain and Italy, for example, said Trump. At first it was not clear whether such an expansion of production would actually be possible in the short term. The devices are currently used in large numbers in hospitals to care for patients suffering from the lung disease Covid-19.

Wartime law

Shortly before, Trump had used a wartime law to force the automaker General Motors (GM) to produce ventilators. GM wasted time and failed to fulfill its promise to produce 40,000 devices for the country, Trump said.

The company had to "accept, execute and prioritize" contracts for the production of ventilators, the White House said on Friday. In view of the corona epidemic, the responsible ministry will determine the number of devices to be produced.

Complex change

The manufacture of ventilators is very complex for companies outside the industry. Companies such as GM assert that they are already working at full speed on solutions to help the country in the coronavirus crisis. GM announced on Friday that it would soon be building ventilators for Ventec Life Systems, which should be shipped from next month. GM will also begin manufacturing surgical respirators.

Trump is criticized for his crisis management and relativizing statements on the corona pandemic. The evening before, he had raised doubts about a supply shortage complained by US states on Fox News. "I don't think you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators," he said on a talk show. (dpa)